The ultimate exterior binder for best-in-class dirt pick-up resistance and color stability

PRIMIS® AF 1000 is WACKER’s flagship binder for the production of exterior architectural paints that offer superior performance. Containing an inorganic core in an aqueous polymer dispersion based on acrylic monomers, it confers very low dirt pick-up and high color stability that will protect a facade’s good looks for years.

PRIMIS® AF 1000 has been extensively tested in WACKER's laboratories as well as at the WACKER outdoor weathering station.

The construction industry has been combining organic and inorganic components in binders for some time. This is often done by simply mixing the mineral particles into an organic dispersion. There are two possible drawbacks to this, however. Particle agglomeration can occur, which will compromise storage stability, and phase separation during film formation will yield an uneven, heterogeneous film. This inhomogeneity, in turn, will destabilize the bond and increase the risk of cracking.

In PRIMIS® AF 1000, WACKER’s new mineralized binder, mineral and organic components are chemically bound together - this prevents both the agglomeration and the separation mentioned above. Film formation by the dispersion is excellent, even in low outdoor temperatures, and yields an elastic polymer surface that exhibits maximum blocking resistance. The overall result is stable, homogeneous films.

Dirt pick-up poses an ongoing major challenge for exterior coatings, and exerts a great influence over whether or not we like the look of a building. Facades that continue to look new will remain attractive to us for much longer. PRIMIS® AF 1000 is designed to significantly reduce dirt pick-up compared to other binders.

Pigments are blended into exterior paints and renders in order to add rich, vivid color to the walls of homes and other buildings. While organic pigments are known for their wide variety of shades, they are not particularly stable, especially when exposed to UV radiation. As a result, they fade and become increasingly pale over time due to the sun and weather. Inorganic pigments, by contrast, are better able to resist the elements, but do not offer the same variety of shades and hues.

The new PRIMIS® AF 1000 binder significantly increases the stability of organic pigments in paint formulations. This is because mineralization protects organic pigments from UV radiation more efficiently - the pigments lose their brilliance and intensity much more slowly as a result, allowing exterior paints to retain their original color for longer.

“Snail trails” denote the vertical marks on exterior walls that appear after rain or heavy dew, in particular. PRIMIS® AF 1000 reduces these by preventing water soluble additives, such as emulsifiers in the paint, from leaching and drying on the surface.