GENIOSIL® N - Wacker Chemie AG


Innovative Adhesives and Sealants combine

Environmental Factors and Performance

GENIOSIL® N encompasses a group of innovative hybrid compounds for construction and industrial applications that meet all the requirements, both technical and ecological, made of modern adhesives and sealants. This development relies on innovative GENIOSIL® STP-E technology, which is based on alpha-silanes. These feature a methylene spacer instead of the conventional propylene spacer and exhibit extremely high reactivity. This turbo effect makes totally new, rapid-curing, one-component adhesives and sealants possible – with a range of properties that go far beyond conventional hybrid systems:

  • An enormous range of elasticities and strengths
  • Range from low-modulus sealants to high-strength adhesives
  • Rapid curing alongside a sufficiently long pot life
  • Exceptionally long shelf life
  • Tack-free surface without dirt pick-up

The innovative hybrid adhesives and sealants already meet advanced user-safety and environmental-protection specifications today: they pose no known health risks and are free of solvents, isocyanates and tin.

GENIOSIL® N hybrid compounds are characterized by high mechanical strength coupled with key elastic properties and are thus predestined for use in high-stress areas in indoor and outdoor applications. They adhere well to all kinds of substrates and can easily be painted. The product portfolio ranges from a selection of elastic sealants that can be painted – including a highly transparent adhesive sealant that makes for invisible joints – to high-strength construction adhesives. In industrial applications, metals, plastics, wood and other materials can be bonded together and sealed. Typical uses include metal-panel bonding and (seam) seals in the automotive and shipbuilding sectors, in caravan, railcar and bus construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as in household goods.