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GENIOPLAST® for Wood-Plastic Composites

Bring out the best in your WPC

GENIOPLAST® Additives are ready-to-use processing aids for wood-plastic composites (WPC) that enhance processes as well as the quality of the end product. Here, the GENIOPLAST® silicone copolymer is here already combined with an organic polymer making it easy and efficient to use.

GENIOPLAST® PP 20A08 is a masterbatch for polypropylene (PP) and GENIOPLAST® HDPE 20A03 is a masterbatch for polyethylene (HDPE).


  • Faster, more costefficient production
    The silicone part reduces inner and outer friction, improving throughput, production time and energy input. Formulation costs are also reduced - only 1% of GENIOPLAST® Masterbatch is necessary to achieve these effects, instead of the usual 2 – 4 % of wax or stearates.
  • Higher quality of end-product
    GENIOPLAST® Masterbatches improve the e-module and flexural strength while reducing water uptake.