GENIOPERL® - Wacker Chemie AG


Taking Off Into A New Dimension

Today, technological innovation requires better and better materials – coatings that are weather-resistant and offer reliable protectiong; plastics can be produced cost-efficiently and withstand extreme temperatures without become brittle at low temperatures. Often, this demands properties that cannot be realized in a single material.

GENIOPERL®nanoscale silicone particles offer a solution: they impart silicon properties to selected target systems even when added in very small amounts, thus significantly improving the materials' performance. They are also very easy to handle: GENIOPERL® is available as a dispersible powder that is easily incorporated.

GENIOPERL® is supplied as core-shell particles with a diameter of 100 - 150 nanometers. Their core consists of a silicon elastomer surrounded by an organic shell. This core-shell principle makes GENIOPERL® highly compatible with organic target systems.

GENIOPERL®silicone-based particles are successfully used for modifying adhesives and potting compounds based on epoxy resin in the electronics industry, as well as for improving impact properties of composite systems and polycarbonate blends.