Brands - Wacker Chemie AG


WACKER’s brands and products are used in countless everyday items ranging from diving masks to solar cells.

ACEO® is offering a holistic service portfolio for 3D printing with silicones: 3D printed parts, development services for material and design as well as an Open Print Lab invite to explore the unique drop on demand process.


ADVALON® products are used in many textile applications to optimize products and processes – for example as softeners for fiberfill, as finishes in fiber manufacture, as processing auxiliaries in spinning and in the production of carbon fibers...



BELSIL® represents an extensive range of high-quality silicones especially intended for personal care applications. The functionalized silicones' applications include hair and skin care products, skin cleansing, decorative cosmetics and deodorants...


CAPIVA® is WACKER’s brand name for innovative confectionery applications. Our CAPIVA® products range from CAPIVA® C (CANDY2GUM® technology), a premix for producing chewy candy that turns into chewing gum, to CAPIVA® S (solid resins for gum base) to enhance the manufacture of gum base.


CAVACURMIN® is WACKER’s highly bioavailable curcumin powder. Bioavailabilty is more than 40 times higher…


CAVAMAX® cyclodextrins are used for molecular encapsulation of materials and as functional ingredients, particularly in the life sciences...


CAVASOL® cyclodextrin derivatives are primarily used for the controlled release of pharmaceuticals. They increase the solubility of the cyclodextrin/drug complex in blood, and thus also its bioavailability...


DEHESIVE® products are tailored to applications and have a successful track record of over 30 years of use around the world as silicone release coatings for paper and film...


ELASTOSIL® silicone products have a diverse property profile and near-to unlimited potential in various industrial applications such as baby and sport articles, mechanical and electrical engineering, textiles and household appliances...



The success factor in electroslag remelting (ESR). High purity and low moisture contents of ELECTROFLUX affect most positively the quality of special steels and alloys.


ESETEC® E. coli secretion technology can transfer proteins in their native conformation across the outer cell membrane into the culture medium, enabling more efficient and cost-effective production of pharmaceutical proteins.


ETONIS® is a new generation of polymeric binders that optimize sprayed concrete adhesion and cohesion while reducing rebound, thus saving time and costs for tunneling and other applications.


The FOLDTEC® technology is based on proprietary E. coli strains optimized for high quality inclusion bodies and superior yields...


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