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Setting Standards Since 1955

A trademark application was filed for ELASTOSIL® on March 4, 1955. This outstanding technology has served as a base for a broad range of high-quality silicone products with extremely versatile properties for 60 years. Besides silicone sealants, silicone rubber and silicone rubber dispersions, the brand includes additives and a novel silicone film.

Celebrate with us. Discover the extraordinary story of ELASTOSIL®, its countless applications and innovations.

Fascinating 20-µm Silicone

Could you imagine that a film as thin as the surface of an inflated balloon might be used to produce energy from ocean waves? With ELASTOSIL® Film, this is no flight of fancy. It’s already a possibility today. Find out how in this interview with Julia Henn and Dr. Andreas Köllnberger. You’ll also discover where else this ultrathin 20-µm film can be used.

Taking the Racing Line with ELASTOSIL®

Open interactive diagram WACKER’s extensive and first-class ELASTOSIL® product portfolio is ideally suited to numerous automotive applications.


When the joy of driving meets road safety, ELASTOSIL® is usually part of the team. ELASTOSIL® silicone products are ideal co-drivers in automotive applications: they push themselves to the limit, stay cool in high temperatures, and ensure that automotive, electronic and bodywork components all work perfectly...

Perfect Preparation

“ELASTOSIL® is a real chameleon among elastomers and rubber, and its versatility means it is often that vital step ahead of other materials,” says Martin Stömmer, senior marketing manager at WACKER, who has been heavily involved with ELASTOSIL® products since 1998. “In the automotive sector, quality plays a particularly important role – and our ELASTOSIL® brand is a worldwide symbol of high-quality German engineering.” Indeed, some ELASTOSIL® products, such as LR 3003 and R 401, have long been internationally renowned, and thanks to their first-class property profiles are benchmarks in many markets and application areas.

Pole Position

It is hardly surprising, then, that ELASTOSIL® has great growth potential, even after sixty years. “In particular, applications for LSR (liquid silicone rubber) are becoming increasingly versatile. This growth is opening up new application areas and harnessing new markets,” Stömmer explains. “That is why we attach so much importance to enhancing our position in the LSR market.” LSR products even have their own website: www.wacker.com/lsr . The website serves as a central communication platform for all information regarding products, processing, quality and innovation.

The Innovative Edge

Six decades of success are no reason to sit back and relax. In our laboratories and technical centers, we continuously carry out technological research and develop unique, innovative solutions – often working with customers in entirely new fields of application. “Ever-increasing demands are placed on the properties of ELASTOSIL® silicone elastomers and their processing,” explains Martin Stömmer, “so we constantly develop our products and expand our portfolio in line with market requirements and customer needs. This gives us and our customers an important competitive edge.”

Happy Birthday ELASTOSIL®!

What exactly can you do with ELASTOSIL® silicone rubber? A great many things, as shown by the WACKER Greater China team. Such tremendous innovation potential and such a variety of products just have to be celebrated!

Technology to Meet Every Trend

ELASTOSIL® products are ideal – whether for conventional applications or totally new technologies. That’s why these products are found again and again in everyday life: for example in airbags, baking molds, LED lamps, baby articles, toys and medical tubing. Find out which ELASTOSIL® products impress the WACKER Greater China team the most.

Typical industrialized countries are facing increasingly more mature populations, while in emerging economies, the population tends to be somewhat younger. What they all have in common, is their desire for optimal healthcare, and consequently, the demand for high-quality medical technology is rising. A key material for medical applications is silicone rubber. WACKER, a pioneer in silicones research, established an innovative new service facility for customers with the Healthcare Competency Center in Adrian, Michigan in October 2014.

Perfect Preparation

Gregory Dull, marketing manager at Wacker Chemical Corp., Adrian

“With the new center we want to establish a competency support service that provides our customers even more benefits, driving forward new applications and, at the same time, defining demand according to new materials. In order for ourselves and our customers to be best prepared for the market and consumer needs of the future,” says Gregory Dull, marketing manager at Wacker Chemical Corp., Adrian, who oversees the Healthcare market and is head of WACKER’s Healthcare Competency Center, “ we feel it is important to closely collaborate with industry partners.”

High Product Quality, a Diverse Range of Services

Central features of the innovative new center include product development, the comprehensive ELASTOSIL® product range, the newer SILPURAN® product line, and plans for more intimate relationships with industry leaders and OEMs. This will enhance WACKER’s complete healthcare service portfolio covering medical applications such as respirators, respirator tubes, catheters, pharmaceutical tubing, specialty valves and general medical applications. A fifteen-year WACKER veteran, Dull’s experience with elastomers and the healthcare industry is extensive. He is convinced of the products’ versatility as well as their outstanding performance: “It’s the consistent high quality that makes products like the successful ELASTOSIL® R 401 so special.”

A Proven Technology for Modern Applications

Likewise the ELASTOSIL® LR 3003 series exhibits these same consistent qualities. “Repeatability from batch to batch is something our customers continually comment positively about as being key to their processing needs.” Planned future additions to this 60-year old brand focus on self-adhesive materials for bonding to plastic substrates, materials with antimicrobial features and on optimizing processes - such as, reducing the coefficient of friction in cured materials - thus paving the way for entirely new applications.

Johann Müller

Wacker Chemie celebrated a big anniversary in 2014: 100 years of WACKER. Not many companies can maintain a market position for so long. WACKER’s success stems from its strong brands and outstanding employees. Throughout his entire working life, Johann Müller had close ties to ELASTOSIL®. He already encountered this technology during his training and was involved with it again and again in later years. He has a lot to recount on the brand’s 60th anniversary ...

Johann Müller began his training as a chemical laboratory technician at WACKER’s Burghausen production site in 1970. From 1990 to 2013, the native of Lower Bavaria managed a WACKER SILICONES applications laboratory. For him, the brand’s name already reveals its distinctive feature. Elasticity is a key property of WACKER silicone rubber and – just like all other characteristics of ELASTOSIL® – it is of consistently high quality, as Müller emphasizes: “Comparable products do exist, but cannot boast such high quality consistency and such an extensive range of standard and specialty products for diverse applications – or the tailored service we provide for ELASTOSIL® products.”

A Strong Brand

It’s no wonder, then, that the brand sometimes appears to be better known than the company itself. The laboratory manager experienced this for himself during his first business trips in India: “Together with a local sales manager, we visited a company that processed large quantities of elastomers and was just carrying out trials with ELASTOSIL®. We introduced ourselves as employees of Wacker Chemie, which was initially met by confused looks – WACKER was a familiar name, but only in connection with ELASTOSIL®.”

Targeted Research for a Broad Variety of Applications

WACKER has always been involved in intensive research. ELASTOSIL® silicone rubber is no product of chance, but the result of very specific, targeted research and years of production optimization. WACKER quickly recognized the product’s vast application potential, thanks to its outstanding properties. Silicone rubber as such is well-established on the market, because very few other elastomers can replace it. ELASTOSIL® stands out due to its diversity. WACKER specifically expanded the product range so as to provide a suitable product for as many applications as possible.

What Are the Prospects for the Next 60 Years?

While the markets in technologically advanced countries are driven by factors such as rising productivity and environmental awareness, Müller expects growth in emerging countries to stem from increasing industrialization and heightened demand for technical goods. However, both the advanced and the emerging economies offer growth potential for specialty materials such as ELASTOSIL®. In 2014, the WACKER SILICONES business division generated almost a quarter of its sales with ELASTOSIL® products. “Research must keep up its productivity in standard products on one hand, and, on the other, bring specialty products for new applications onto the market in good time,” explains Müller.

And what is his outlook for ELASTOSIL®? “I have often learned about novel applications for ELASTOSIL® products from customers. I’m sure that more new applications will be discovered over the coming years, too. ELASTOSIL® is still a long way from reaching its apex.”

The Difference is inside!

Liquid silicone rubber is a material with many advantages – it is innovative, efficient, economical and future-oriented.