DEHESIVE® - Wacker Chemie AG


New Standards in Paper and Film Coating

The DEHESIVE® brand of silicone release coatings for paper and film is tailored to applications, and has a successful track record of over 30 years of use around the world. DEHESIVE®silicones set standards in versatility, processability and economy. By virtue of their chemical structure, the organosilicon compounds in DEHESIVE®silicones have excellent release properties towards adhesive substances.

Silicone-coated release liners not only adhere to labels to prevent contamination and damage during handling, they can also be peeled off smoothly without loss of adhesive strength. The unique market portfolio is the ideal choice wherever release papers are produced. The advanced technology is ideal for modern applications in the labeling, adhesive tape and food industries.


Let's Make the Perfect Combination

Three product groups, four components and every possibility.


Let’s Make the Perfect Combination: DEHESIVE® + XL + CRA® + CATALYST