CAVASOL® - Wacker Chemie AG


CAVASOL® is the trade name of WACKER's cyclodextrin derivatives and covers a wide portfolio of α, β and γ derivatives. These derivatives are either methylated or hydroxypropylated, which further increases the solubility of cyclodextrins in aqueous media.

CAVASOL®cyclodextrin derivatives are primarily used for controlled release of pharmaceuticals, and increase the solubility of the cyclodextrin/drug complex in the blood. They also increase its bioavailability – the speed and extent with which the drug is resorbed by the body.

Apart from uses in the pharmaceutical industry, they also have industrial applications, such as in textile fresheners.

Additionally, CAVASOL® cyclodextrin derivatives can also be used in polymer systems, for example as a process auxiliary in polymerization, for selective modification of thermal stability or as a rheology-control additive.

We supply the products in both standard technical grade and pharmaceutical grade.