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CAPIVA® is WACKER’s brand name for innovative chewing gum applications. Our CAPIVA® products range from CAPIVA® C 03, a ready-to-use premix for novel applications in chewing gum, to CAPIVA® S (solid resins for gum base) to enhance the manufacture of gum base. These new products complement our broad range of polyvinyl acetate solid resins for manufacturing gum base, marketed under the VINNAPAS® brand to the chewing gum industry for more than 60 years.

Get chewing gum in shape with depositing technology

Chewing gum is confectionery made by an extrusion process. As a result, the shapes available on the market have not significantly changed in recent decades. WACKER has developed a new compound to deposit chewing gum. Using this technology, it is possible to make an unprecedented variety of shapes. Plus, it is relatively easy to clean the equipment, since CAPIVA® C 03 can be removed by just using hot water or a 1% alkaline solution.

Your advantages:

  • Suitable for starch powder, silicone and plastic molds
  • Endless variety of shapes
  • Equipment can be easily cleaned
  • CAPIVA® C 03: a ready-to-use premix for ease of manufacture
  • Manufacturing based on standard candy-cooking process
  • Compatible with conventional candy processes and equipment, such as mogul lines
  • Existing regulations for chewing gum and gum base apply

Making chewing gum like candies

CANDY2GUM® combines the best of both – chewing gum and candy – for new and unique consumer products. It is designed for a hard and chewy candy-cooking process and therefore allows the use of a variety of water-based, fat-based and natural ingredients that could not be used in conventional chewing gum, such as fruit juice, coffee, caramel and milk.

Your advantages:

  • Simple implementation through ready-to-use CAPIVA® C 03 premix
  • Manufacturing based on standard candy-cooking process and equipment
  • Compatible with sugar and sugar-free systems
  • Use of water-based, fat-based and and natural ingredients that cannot be used for conventional chewing gum
  • Texture change from chewy candy into chewing gum
  • Stability of final products is comparable to conventional chewy candy
  • Existing regulations for chewing gum and gum base can be applied

CAPIVA® S reduces the complexity of gum-base manufacturing.

Mixing gum base easily with CAPIVA® S

With CAPIVA® S, WACKER has developed a range of new solid polyvinyl acetate resins that simplify gum-base manufacturing while at the same time improving performance.

At a Glance: CAPIVA® S for Gum Base

  • Enables the replacement of elastomers and rosins in gum base
  • Reduces complexity and increases the efficiency of gum-base production
  • Enhances flavor release and reduces off-taste
  • Reduces stickiness during processing and in the final chewing gum
  • Is already approved in North America, EMEA and many APAC countries including China

For more details, please download our CAPIVA® S infosheet on the right or bottom of this page.

Chewing gum from 3D printers: For the first time, it is possible to produce gum in a wide range of colors, shapes and flavors – individually personalized

The World’s First 3D Printing Process to Use Gum

Names, logos or lifelike miniature figurines… From now on, chewing gum can be formed in a variety of customizable shapes. WACKER has developed a novel product formulation specifically for printable gum, with software and hardware optimized for this sophisticated food matrix. This new technology prints gum in a wide range of colors, shapes and flavors – individually personalized.