ACEO ® - Wacker Chemie AG


A Unique Approach for 3D Printing Real Elastomers

The technology is based on a “drop-on-demand” principle. The print head deposits single silicone voxels on a building platform, which flow together smoothly, forming a homogenous surface. After printing a layer, the curing is activated with UV light. For complex 3D structures a support material is printed throughout the same process. At the end of the print job, the silicone form is removed from the printer and the environmentally safe support material is easily and quickly rinsed out with water.

A True System Solution to Serve Your Needs

Proven silicone experts from WACKER developed not only the materials, but also software and hardware opening up new opportunities for various industries such as health care, automotive, electronics or even life style goods only to name a few. It is ideal for prototyping, individualized goods and integration of functionalities or manufacturing of “impossible products” meaning designs which could not have been produced with any other technology so far.

Pioneering a Novel Technology with a Holistic Service Approach

ACEO® is offering a worldwide service for 3D printed silicone parts out of its site in Burghausen, Germany. Customers can upload their CAD design in the web shop, accept the quote and receive the part. An interdisciplinary expert team rounds up the service portfolio with contract development for design and material and training sessions in the Open Print Lab to experience the technology first-hand.

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