the Corporate Magazine

WWW is WACKER’s corporate magazine. It is published two to three times a year in German, English and Chinese. WWW’s target audience is primarily customers and business partners, yet also public authorities, institutions of higher learning, associations, scientific institutes, financial analysts and trade journalists.

WACKER uses WWW to inform readers about new products, the latest technological developments, and applications of interest to business. Its key focus is working with the company’s customers to report on fascinating applications.

Content included in the print version is also adapted for availability as a newsletter, the online magazine "Innovations" or as a podcast, depending on the medium.

Those interested are sent the WWW magazine free of charge. Please sign up here to subscribe. Of course, you can cancel your subscription easily and at any time.

WWW as an App

You can download the current edition of WWW from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store free of charge.

For the popular browser versions around now, there is also a desktop-version available with which you can read WWW on your desktop or notebook.

Innovations at WACKER

Our "Innovations Magazine" provides you with information on intelligent solutions and pioneering technologies at WACKER.

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