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A Climate Change at Home

Sep 20, 2006

When temperatures plunge in winter, prices for natural gas, heating oil and electricity always go up. However, suitable thermal insulation can help to optimize the indoor climate and slash energy costs by up to 60 %. WACKER offers solutions in the form of polymer binders for customized exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) that make for an ideal indoor climate and effectively counter rising energy prices.


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  • Sample of an EIFS

    Sample of an EIFS

    Sample of an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS). Only the use of VINNAPAS® polymer powders in the adhesive and undercoat mortars makes possible a permanent bond between the insulating polystyrene board and the wall, thus creating a stable yet flexible system.

  • VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powder

    VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powder

    VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powder

  • renovating old houses

    renovating old houses

    Insulation systems can be easily implemented when renovating old houses and brickwork and thus retrofit a high level of thermal insulation

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