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Mouthwateringly Good: Novel Confectionery with a 2-in-1 Effect

Jan 19, 2017

What begins as a piece of chewy candy turns into chewing gum after a short time – with CANDY2GUM®, WACKER is launching a completely new confectionery manufacturing technology onto the market. Since this innovative product is made in a boiling process, manufacturers can now add water-based, fat-containing and natural ingredients, such as fruit juice, cocoa and coffee. This opens up entirely new prospects for the sugar confectionery industry – and allows for novel sweets with a 2-in-1 effect.


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  • CANDY2GUM® Chewy Candy

    CANDY2GUM® Chewy Candy

    With the innovative CANDY2GUM® technology, it is now possible to produce confectionery goods that begin like a piece of chewy candy and turn into gum as they are being chewed – creating a completely new mouthfeel

  • CANDY2GUM® production process

    CANDY2GUM® production process

    Because the production process of CANDY2GUM® is similar to making chewy candy, standard sugar-confectionery cookers can be used

  • CANDY2GUM® technology

    CANDY2GUM® technology

    With WACKER’s innovative CANDY2GUM® technology, a multitude of water-based, fat-containing and natural ingredients are available that, until now, were unheard of for chewing gum – ranging from fruit juice, coffee and milk to caramel, chocolate, coconut and plant extracts.

  • Lab test: CANDY2GUM® technology

    Lab test: CANDY2GUM® technology

    Lab test: The secret behind this confectionery innovation is the production process – CANDY2GUM® products are simply boiled. The premix is ideal for use in both sugary and sugar-free candy mixtures and thus opens up numerous opportunities for novel confec-tionery products

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