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Fitness from Within: Nature-Identical Hydroxytyrosol

Oct 24, 2014

Fresh fish, lots of fruits and vegetables, a serving of walnuts every day and, most importantly, olive oil. People who regularly put these foods on their menu are following what is known as the Mediterranean diet – and making very healthy eating choices. What makes this a healthy diet is that these foods contain plant secondary metabolites, a category of substances that includes hydroxytyrosol. This antioxidant is much sought after as an active agent, and WACKER can now produce a nature-identical version of it via a new, patented synthesis route. The process improves purity with no un-wanted byproducts, while keeping the content of the active agent at a defined level – opening up entirely new possibilities for manufacturers of nutritional supplements and cosmetics.


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  • HTEssence® Cosmetics

    HTEssence® Cosmetics

    Ideal for cosmetic products: WACKER’s nature-identical hydroxytyrosol is a very effective, high-purity antioxidant, free of unwanted byproducts and with a defined amount of active ingredient. As a free radical scavenger, HTEssence® can prevent wrinkle formation and skin aging.

  • HTEssence® Lab Powder

    HTEssence® Lab Powder

    Spray-dried nature-identical hydroxytyrosol: The odorless, water-soluble powder HTEssence® is available in great purity and with a defined amount of active ingredient.

  • HTEssence® spray dryer

    HTEssence® spray dryer

    A WACKER employee is filling pure, nature-identical hydroxytyrosol dissolved in water in a spray dryer. Thanks to the controlled production process, HTEssence® is free of allergens and pesticides and does not contain any unwanted byproducts or contaminants

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