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New Polymers for Water-Permeable Concrete Tracks: The Bebenroth Tunnel Project

Apr 18, 2013

A concrete track that allows thousands of liters of water to drain away in just a few minutes? Roads that swallow up tire noise? Both are possible thanks to new ETONIS® 260 polymer binder. While construction work was underway on the new tunnel for the railroad line from Göttingen to Bebra, Deutsche Bahn AG came across concrete which possessed these amazing properties, and took immediate action. It modified its plans for the accessibility of the ballastless track inside the tunnel which is designed to afford quick and safe access for rescue vehicles and fire trucks hurrying to the scene of an accident. The Bebenroth Tunnel was put into commission several weeks ago – and, with it, the polymer-modified, open-pored concrete.


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  • Drainage Concrete - Test Section

    Drainage Concrete - Test Section

    Test section of drainage concrete. While the water builds up on normal concrete or asphalt and runs off slowly (right side of photo), it can drain away easily and quickly on the new drainage concrete (left).

  • ETONIS® 260

    ETONIS® 260

    Water-permeability test: Open-pored concrete modified with ETONIS® 260 facilitates the transport of moisture (left), while on conventional solid concrete, water builds up and runs off slowly (right). This results in far fewer cracks forming in the new concrete and augments its resistance to frost and road salts.

  • ETONIS® 260 - Drainage Concrete

    ETONIS® 260 - Drainage Concrete

    Freshly mixed drainage concrete in laboratory trials: the open-pored structure and pores can be clearly seen. Thanks to the new ETONIS® 260 polymer, the non-slump fresh concrete does not flow or disintegrate at the edges – this is a vital prerequisite for level track surfaces.

  • ETONIS® 260 - Rail-road Tunnels

    ETONIS® 260 - Rail-road Tunnels

    Drainage concrete modified with ETONIS® 260 is spread between and beside tracks and thus provides rescue vehicles and fire trucks with fast access to rail-road tunnels. The new concrete is quick to put down, extremely durable and stable, and thus ideal for applications in road, tunnel and under-ground construction (photo: Wacker Chemie AG, courtesy of Deutsche Bahn AG).

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