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Clever Adhesives for High-Quality Woods

Dec 13, 2011

Nature is moving into the home thanks to wood. No other material is so versatile to use. To ensure that high-quality veneers and other glue-laminated wood structures maintain their appearance long term, WACKER experts have developed a novel adhesive dispersion and thus put an end to wood discolorations.


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  • Conditioning of Wood Specimens

    Conditioning of Wood Specimens

    Conditioning of wood specimens according to DIN EN 204 for testing the shear strength of waterproof wood glues.

  • Creep Test

    Creep Test

    With the help of creep tests, WACKER's applications technology laboratory in Burghausen, Germany, is able to investigate the cold flow of adhesive bonds.

  • Tests Wood Glue’s Shear

    Tests Wood Glue’s Shear

    WACKER’s applications technology department tests the wood glue’s shear strength according to DIN EN 204.

  • VINNAPAS® DPX 271 - Veneers

    VINNAPAS® DPX 271 - Veneers

    The type of adhesive used is key in ensuring that veneers remain attractive for as long as possible. VINNAPAS® DPX 271 helps to prevent unsightly discolorations.

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