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A Special Bond: Polymeric Binding Powder Fuses Cork and Slate to Form Natural Stone Flooring that is Warm Underfoot

Dec 10, 2010

The thought of wall or floor coverings on a roll usually calls to mind wallpaper or carpet. Transforming stone into thin, flexible sheets, by contrast, sounds more like the work of a magician. Nevertheless, a team of specialists from a number of different companies has joined forces with WACKER experts and man-aged to fuse wafer-thin natural stone with thin layers of cork. The result: a slate-cork composite that is warm underfoot and has been manufactured as an easy to lay click-lock flooring. Innova-tive and easy on resources, these new floorings are made possi-ble by VINNEX®, the specialized powder binder from WACKER.


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  • Cork - slate sheets

    Cork - slate sheets

    A machine known as a double-belt press is used to bond the cork layers to wafer-thin slate sheets under elevated pressure and temperatures of roughly 180 degrees Celsius.

  • Cork-polymer composites (CPC's)

    Cork-polymer composites (CPC's)

    Natural cork and VINNEX® powder binder are blended together to form homogenized pellets known as cork-polymer composites or CPCs. VINNEX® also binds excellently with other natural fibers, such as coconut, leather and wood.

  • Slate-cork Panel

    Slate-cork Panel

    Wafer-thin, flexible slate-cork panel: novel floor and wall coverings are created from natural cork, Indian slate and WACKER's innovative VINNEX® powder binders.

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