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Climate Protection: Innovative Construction Chemistry Increases Energy Efficiency

Aug 03, 2010

Greenhouse gas emissions can only be limited if energy is used more efficiently than it has been to date. Home heating, air conditioning and hot water account for the lion’s share of private energy consumption. This is unlikely to change in the near future, since nobody wants to make do without hot water and comfortable living, nor should they have to. Nevertheless, there are ways to reduce domestic energy demand. In recent years, the construction and chemical industries have developed innovative technologies and products that contribute significantly to increased energy efficiency. Energy-efficient exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) and water-repellent insulating materials impregnated with silicone products reduce heat loss in the home and lead to a drastic reduction in heating costs. Silicone resin emulsion paints also help conserve energy because they keep exterior walls dry and thus preserve the insulating effect of the masonry.


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  • llustration Drop Test

    llustration Drop Test

    This droplet penetration test shows that water-repellent silicone fluid emulsions from WACKER reliably protect mineral wool from moisture. Thanks to its low viscosity, the new SILRES® BS 5137 can be processed very efficiently.

  • llustration EIFS

    llustration EIFS

    Modern EIFS for building insulation consist of a multi-layered material composite. But only the addition of a dispersible polymer powder creates a firm bond to the insulating material and thus a permanently stable insulation system.

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