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Cosmetics in Nanocups – The Smallest Beauty Cases in the World

Mar 01, 2007

With the growing wellness trend, highly active ingredients, such as vitamins have been playing a greater role in anti-aging agents and anti-wrinkle creams. However, the major drawback of all these substances is that they decompose easily when exposed to light and air, and thereby lose their effectiveness. WACKER has developed a way of protecting sensitive substances like these: each molecule is packaged in a tiny “sugar cup” just millionths of a millimeter high and is selectively released only when it makes contact with skin moisture.


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  • Cyclodectrine Nanocups

    Cyclodectrine Nanocups

    Cyclodextrins encapsulate the sensitive active ingredients of anti-wrinkle creams, releasing them again on the target area of the skin.

  • Cyclodextrine Complex

    Cyclodextrine Complex

    Molecular model of a cyclodextrin-retinol complex: The retinol molecule fits very snugly inside the gamma-cyclodextrin, but is so long that it sticks out of the ends – two cyclodextrins are therefore used to protect it.

  • Cyclodextrine-Molecules


    Cyclodextrins prefer to host guests that have an aversion to water, such as fat-soluble vitamins, oils and the fragrances in perfumes. These guests remain inside their hosts until they are flushed out again by an excess of water. All it takes to release the guest molecules is the small quantities of moisture that each one of us has on our skin.

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