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Concrete Deep Within a Mountain: Specialty Silanes Protect the Roof of the Swiss Gotthard Tunnel

Dec 18, 2009

No matter how important water may be in the production of concrete, salt water and concrete form a lethal cocktail. When the salt is washed off winter roads and seeps deep into the pores of bridge piers, tunnel roofs and tunnel walls, danger lies ahead: dissolved chlorides in the water attack the steel inside the concrete. This corrosion can have serious consequences: crumbling concrete, accidents, and costly and lengthy renovations accompanied by congested traffic. Materials experts from WACKER have developed water-repellent specialty silanes which protect concrete for years on end by preventing salts from penetrating into concrete. Highway bridges in Bavaria, Germany, are routinely protected in this way already. Recently, the roof of the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland was also treated with specialty silanes.


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  • Gotthard Tunnel - Completely closed

    Gotthard Tunnel - Completely closed

    Completely closed to traffic: to provide protection against moisture and salt ingress, the ceiling of the Gotthard tunnel was impregnated in late September with a specialty silane cream made by WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group.

  • Gotthard Tunnel - Ceiling

    Gotthard Tunnel - Ceiling

    A race against the clock: in late September, the ceiling of the Gotthard tunnel was impregnated with SILRES® BS Creme C from WACKER. The treatment affords the tunnel lasting protection against moisture and salt.

  • Gotthard Tunnel - Renovating

    Gotthard Tunnel - Renovating

    Renovating the Gotthard tunnel: specialists used compressed air to apply the silane impregnating agent.

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