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Let There Be LEDs: Silicones Simplify the Production of Energy-Saving, Climate-Protecting Light-Emitting Diodes

Nov 26, 2009

Light means progress: the incandescent light bulb, once the pioneer of a global lighting revolution, is disappearing from stores. It has long been superseded by a new generation of light sources. In tomorrow’s multimedia society, color displays the size of a house will generate crystal-clear images and entire sports stadiums will be lit by high-performance lamps. But light can also be used as a tool – laser scalpels have become an indispensable part of medical technology. These new lighting technologies are driven by energy-efficient light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. WACKER’s researchers have now developed an innovative UV-curing silicone that makes it relatively inexpensive to manufacture the energy-saving light sources of the future.


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  • High performance silicone brand LUMISIL®

    High performance silicone brand LUMISIL®

    Encapsulation of an LED using LUMISIL®, a WACKER product. These optical high-performance silicones do not just protect the device, they also serve as a lens.

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