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Thermal Insulation in a Desert Climate: Sustainable Construction in the Middle East – Using Polymeric Binders to Save Energy and Protect the Climate

Jun 04, 2009

The costs for energy and raw materials are rising worldwide, while resources are becoming scarcer. Even in regions with large oil reserves, people have started looking for ways to conserve energy. The greatest potential for saving energy in buildings is through the right insulation. Suitable thermal insulation not only optimizes the indoor climate, but also significantly lowers energy use. That’s why WACKER’s Dubai technical center supervises construction projects throughout the Middle East. In a pilot project, WACKER experts helped to fit a customized state-of-the-art exterior insulation and finish system to a building in Syria for the first time – to save energy and protect the climate.


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  • EIFS Building Site Syria

    EIFS Building Site Syria

    Construction workers fit an exterior insulation and finish system to a house in Syria. In a pilot project, WACKER experts helped to develop an optimal adhesive-mortar formulation to suit the climatic conditions in Damascus.

  • EIFS Building Syria

    EIFS Building Syria

    Reference building in Syria: equipping buildings with state-of-the-art EIFS results in long-term energy savings and thus helps protect the climate.

  • EIFS Insulation

    EIFS Insulation

    VINNAPAS® polymer powder is added to the adhesive mortar to ensure a stable bond between the EIFS insulation materials and the wall.

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