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Streamlining Construction Work – Self-Leveling Fillers Produce Level Surfaces

Jun 01, 2007

The modern construction industry values versatility together with quick and easy handling. That is particularly true for flooring compounds, where good adhesion to any substrate and crack-free hardening are required. The floors must be smooth and set firm enough to walk on after only a short time, but also wear-resistant and durable enough to satisfy even the most heavy-duty industrial applications. VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powders from WACKER can produce flooring compounds that combine all these virtues.


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  • VINNAPAS® SLC test

    VINNAPAS® SLC test

    An applications engineer in Burghausen tests the spreading and leveling properties of polymer-modified flooring compounds. Self-leveling flooring compounds and underlayments containing VINNAPAS® produce very smooth and crater-free surfaces characterized by flexibility, good adhesion to all substrates and crack-free hardening. The surface is abrasion resistant, load resistant and can be walked on soon after installation.

  • VINNAPAS® Surface

    VINNAPAS® Surface

    Self-leveling flooring and troweling compounds modified with VINNAPAS® produce an extraordinarily smooth, even and fine pored surface (left), as opposed to formulations without or with conventional binders (right). Even a small amount of VINNAPAS® significantly enhances abrasion resistance, tensile strength in bending as well as compressive strength and provides crack-free setting

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