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Preview European Coatings Show 2017 WACKER Presents New Binder for High-End Digital Printing Inks

Munich, Jan 25, 2017

At the European Coatings Show (ECS) 2017, WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group, will showcase its new low-viscosity binder VINNOL® E 18/38 for high-end digital printing applications. The vinyl chloride-vinylacetate-copolymer resin ensures excellent droplet formation in solvent-based ink-jet inks. This increases the print quality of the end product and extends the longevity of the printhead. VINNOL® E 18/38 adheres extremely well to flexible PVC along with numerous other substrates and is therefore ideally suited for wide-format printing of advertising banners, but also for cables, screw caps and many other plastic items. The European Coatings Show 2017 will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, from April 4 to 6.

The low-viscosity binder VINNOL® E 18/38 ensures excellent droplet formation in ink-jet inks with high resolution and brilliant colors even at high print speed. VINNOL® E 18/38 adheres extremely well to numerous substrates, making it ideal for printing on cables, packaging or large-scale advertising banners.

The new VINNOL® E 18/38 is a vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate-copolymer resin, and was developed specifically as a binder for solvent-based digital printing. The copolymer displays excellent dispersion properties, which enable even distribution of pigment particles. In very low-viscosity inks, it counteracts the tendency of the pigment particles to agglomerate and sediment. VINNOL® E18/38 thereby plays a crucial role in achieving trouble-free high-quality ink-jet printing and in extending the service life of modern ink-jet printheads. This results in an outstanding print image with brilliant colors and high resolution at increased print speeds.

Furthermore, VINNOL® E 18/38 adheres remarkably well to diverse substrates such as flexible PVC or other plastic materials. The binder is very resistant to a wide variety of liquids, from oils and greases, through dilute, aqueous acids and alkalis, to alcohol and aqueous salt solutions. It also displays excellent compatibility with co-binders and high solubility in ketones, esters and numerous low-odor glycol esters and glycol ethers.

The new VINNOL® E 18/38 is therefore ideally suited for high-end printing, from digital processes such as drop-on-demand (DOD) or continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing through conventional solvent-based printing methods such as gravure printing for coating plastics. The applications range from large billboards or vehicle wrapping films to markings such as printed cables, barcodes or expiry dates. The binder also complies with numerous provisions for food contact, for example regulations issued by the Food & Drug Administration in the US (FDA 21 C.F.R Sections 175.300 and 175.105). Consequently, VINNOL® E 18/38 is also a suitable binder for food packaging inks.

Visit WACKER at ECS 2017 in Hall 1, Booth 1-510.


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