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EWMA Conference 2016: WACKER Presents Silicone Adhesive for Traditional Wound Dressings and Tapes

Munich, May 02, 2016

At the 26th conference of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA), WACKER, the Munich-based chemical company, is presenting three new silicone adhesives: SILPURAN® 2114, SILPURAN® 2122 and SILPURAN® 2142. These silicone gels, which were unveiled at the SAWC show in Atlanta (GA), USA, just a few day ago, are designed for the production of adhesive layers as used in traditional wound-dressing and tape products. All three silicone gels adhere strongly to the skin without sticking to the wounds, and they can be peeled off painlessly without leaving a residue. The EWMA Conference takes place in Bremen, Germany, from May 11 to 13.

At the EWMA Conference 2016; WACKER is presenting SILPURAN® 2114, SILPURAN® 2122 and SILPURAN® 2142. The silicone adhesives offer relatively high adhesion, as is required for traditional adhesive plasters, dressing retention materials and other traditional wound dressing products.

WACKER continues to expand its range of silicone adhesives and is now offering products with high adhesive strength in the form of SILPURAN® 2114, SILPURAN® 2122 and SILPURAN® 2142. The new adhesives adhere strongly enough to be used in adhesive plasters, dressing retention materials and other traditional wound dressing products as well as in medical, sport and therapeutic tapes. Applications such as these have not been possible with silicone adhesives before.

The three new adhesive types are two-component, colorless and transparent silicone gels that crosslink via a platinum-catalyzed addition reaction to form soft, highly flexible materials with an elastic, gel-like consistency. The flexibility of the silicone, together with its low surface energy, ensures that a bond develops between the cross-linked gel and the skin, while at the same time the elasticity allows the adhesive layer to be peeled off easily, leaving no residues. SILPURAN® 2114, SILPURAN® 2122 and SILPURAN® 2142 offer such a good balance of resilience and elasticity that they have a significantly stronger adhesive force than the silicone adhesives which have been available until now.

Graded Adhesion

The three new products chiefly differ according to their viscosity and adhesion properties. The strongest adhesion – with a value of 7.5 newton per inch, measured by the 90 degree peel test for peeling from a stainless steel test plate – is achieved by SILPURAN® 2142. In the uncrosslinked state, this product is as viscous as honey. It is especially suitable for manufacturing stoma care products.

The principal applications of SILPURAN® 2122 are traditional adhesive plasters as well as medical, sport and therapeutic tapes. The product shows an adhesive strength of 5.5 newtons per inch. SILPURAN® 2114 offers the lowest adhesive strength, i.e. 3.5 newtons per inch. The viscosity of this product lies between that of the other new adhesive gels. SILPURAN® 2114 is ideal for producing modern wound dressings which, thanks to the improved adhesion, offer extended wear time.

SILPURAN® silicones have a successful track record of many years in wound dressings for treating chronic and large-area wounds. They are extremely gentle when adhering to the skin, and make changing dressings painless and atraumatic. The three new silicone adhesive gels are therefore also suitable for applications as traditional plasters and dressing retention products.

SILPURAN® 2114, SILPURAN® 2122 and SILPURAN® 2142 do not contain either plasticizers or stabilizers. The cured products, which are water-repellent, have the properties typical of silicones: they remain soft and flexible between -50 and +200° Celsius, are chemically stable and aging resistant, and can be sterilized with ethylene oxide. They also have a water-repellent surface, but are permeable to water vapor and gases, creating an optimum milieu for wounds to heal.

SILPURAN® silicones from WACKER have passed selected tests for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993 and US Pharmacopeia Class VI. Like all SILPURAN® products, the three new silicone adhesives are manufactured in accordance with WACKER’s in-house Clean Operations Standard, and are dispensed and packaged under cleanroom conditions.

Visit WACKER at the EWMA Conference 2016 in Hall 5, Booth C23.


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