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PAINT ISTANBUL 2016: WACKER Presents New Dispersible Polymer Powders for Tile and Exterior Applications and Silicone Resin for Water-Repellent Wood Coatings

Munich and Istanbul, Mar 24, 2016

WACKER is showcasing novel silicones and polymer binders for sophisticated coating and construction applications at Paint Istanbul, from March 24 to 26 in Istanbul (Turkey). VINNAPAS® 5005 N and VINNAPAS® 8118 E are two versatile dispersible polymer powders with outstanding adhesive properties for dry-mix mortars, especially for tile adhesives. Wood impregnated with the silicone resin emulsion SILRES® WH is protected against damp, moisture and damage, such as cracks caused by swelling and shrinking, for an exceedingly long time. Further highlights include
VINNAPAS® 4121 N and VINNAPAS® 5518 H as binders for exterior applications such as external thermal insulation composite systems or finishing coats.

Siliconharzemulsion SILRES
Silicone resin emulsion SILRES® WH provides wood with long-lasting protection against moisture and damp, as evidenced by the beading effect on impregnated wood (right). In contrast, the untreated wood (left) soaks up wet immediately. By providing long-term protection, SILRES® WH greatly reduces the frequency of renovating exterior woodwork

At Paint Istanbul, WACKER is premiering two newly developed VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powders for the construction sector that are particularly suitable as binders for tile adhesives, but can also be used in other dry-mix mortar products. Based on ethylene and vinyl acetate, VINNAPAS® 5005 N is aimed at cost-sensitive markets that call for a wide range of possible applications. The new product is a versatile all-rounder for numerous dry-mix mortars, from cementitious tile adhesives to plasters and self-leveling flooring compounds. It can even enhance gypsum applications such as gypsum plasters or joint fillers. The hard dispersible polymer powder offers particularly good tensile adhesion strength, even after heat storage, making it an ideal binder for tile adhesives (Class C1). At the same time, it has a long open time, which facilitates processing. The new VINNAPAS® 5005 N also permits formulations with low polymer contents, making cost-efficient dry-mix mortars possible.

Novel VINNAPAS® 8118 E, on the other hand, is a terpolymer based on vinyl chloride, ethylene and vinyl acetate. The semi-flexible powder was developed specifically to meet requirements both of flexibility and increased water resistance. Alongside a long open time and good processing properties, it offers excellent tensile adhesion strength after both heat storage and immersion in water. This makes VINNAPAS® 8118 E ideal for modifying tile adhesives with different performance requirements (Classes C1, C2, S1 and S2).

SILRES® WH: Long-lasting Protection for Wood

The new silicone resin emulsion SILRES® WH possesses hydrophobic properties that reliably protect outdoor wood against wet and damp and the damage that these cause. It is flexible enough to adhere strongly to wood surfaces and imbues them with the water-repellent properties typical of silicones. Weathering tests show that the product still protects impregnated wood against moisture and damp after more than 15 years.

The 40-percent emulsion is based on a functional silicone resin and can serve as a water-repellent impregnating agent or as an additive for formulating film-forming wood stains. Due to its hydrophobic properties, SILRES® WH reduces the water uptake of wood and keeps its water content low. Consequently, the wood is better protected against typical damage, such as cracks caused by swelling and shrinking. The water repellency is clearly revealed by the beading effect the emulsion produces on wood surfaces after weathering. By providing wood with long-term protection, the product greatly reduces the frequency of renovation compared with conventional wood preservatives.

VINNAPAS® Dispersible Polymer Powders for Dry Exterior Walls

The new dispersible polymer powder VINNAPAS® 4121 N, based on vinyl acetate and ethylene, was specifically developed to meet requirements in Eastern Europe and Turkey. The semi-flexible product has a glass transition temperature of around 1°C and offers improved adhesion to various surfaces such as polystyrene. Mortars modified with VINNAPAS® 4121 N thus adhere better to EPS panels or concrete, even under dry conditions. In addition, the new dispersible polymer powder permits lower polymer contents in the end product. This makes VINNAPAS® 4121 N ideal for use in cost-efficient and energy-saving external thermal insulation composite systems.

For exterior applications such as finishing coats, VINNAPAS® 5518 H is ideal. The dispersible polymer powder offers excellent processing properties and good adhesion to all substrates, coupled with high flexibility and flexural strength. In grout mortars, the enhanced cleaning properties must be highlighted, as they make the material easier to wipe after film formation. In the case of finishing coats modified with VINNAPAS® 5518 H, moisture and dirt particles cannot penetrate the exterior wall due to the product’s highly water-repellent effect, resulting in enhanced weathering resistance and, thus, durability of buildings.

Visit WACKER at Paint Istanbul 2016 in Hall 11, Booth B133.


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