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PAINT INDIA 2016: WACKER Showcases High-Performance Silicones and Polymer Binders for Challenging Construction and Coatings Applications

Munich / Mumbai, Jan 21, 2016

At PAINT INDIA 2016, taking place in Mumbai from January 21 to 23, WACKER is presenting high-performance silicones and polymer binders for challenging coatings and construction applications: Wood impregnated with the silicone resin emulsion SILRES® WH is protected against damp, moisture and damage caused by swelling and shrinkage for an exceedingly long time. New dispersions and dispersible powders of the VINNAPAS® brand enable reliable waterproofing construction solutions, even under pressure and at low temperatures. Further highlights are SILRES® BS silicone emulsions for water-repellent, yet vapor-permeable masonry coatings as well as a new VINNAPAS® dispersion for flexible flooring adhesives.

Siliconharzemulsion SILRES
The silicone resin emulsion SILRES® WH provides wood with long-lasting protection against moisture and damp, as the beading effect on impregnated wood shows (right). In contrast, untreated wood (left) soaks up water immediately. By providing long-term protection, SILRES® WH greatly reduces the frequency of renovating and recoating exterior woodwork.

The novel silicone resin emulsion SILRES® WH possesses hydrophobic properties that reliably protect outdoor wood against wet and damp and the damage that these cause. It is flexible enough to adhere strongly to wood surfaces, and imbues them with the water-repellent properties typical of silicones. Weathering tests show that the product still protects impregnated wood against moisture and damp after more than 15 years.

The 40-percent emulsion is based on a functional silicone resin and can serve as a water-repellent impregnating agent or as an additive for formulating film-forming wood stains. Due to its hydrophobic properties, SILRES® WH reduces the water uptake of wood and keeps its water content low. Consequently, the wood is better protected against typical damage such as cracks caused by swelling and shrinking. SILRES® WH added to paints and wood stains confers lasting water repellency, even in low concentrations. The water repellency is clearly revealed by the beading effect the emulsion produces on wood surfaces after weathering. The new product greatly reduces the frequency of renovation and repainting compared with conventional wood preservatives.

Reliable Barriers against Water with VINNAPAS®

Further highlights are WACKER’s vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers (VAE)-based products for waterproofing construction solutions. VINNAPAS® 536 ED is ideal as a versatile binder for two-component waterproofing membranes for creating reliable seals in wet areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms. The product offers good compatibility with cement and inorganic fillers which results in high bonding strength. For one-part cementitious waterproofing membranes, WACKER is presenting the VAE-based dispersible powder VINNAPAS®5044 N. The product offers strong adhesion, even following protracted exposure to water, as well as high elasticity, outstanding crack-bridging ability, and ease of processing, making it ideal for long-lasting coating of canals, pipes, cellars, swimming pools and damp rooms.

SILRES® BS: Water Repellent but Vapor-Permeable

The products of the SILRES® BS portfolio are based on water-repellent silicone resins and silicone resin emulsions and offer building protection for decades. Silicone resins form an extremely stable and highly durable three-dimensional silicone resin network on mineral surfaces and within mineral-based coatings. The network repels water and moisture, but is permeable to water vapor inside the wall. This effect keeps the building structure dry and prevents wall damage and decay caused by moisture.

At the tradeshow, WACKER will focus on SILRES® BS 45 and SILRES® BS 1306. SILRES® BS 45 is a water-dilutable solventless silicone resin emulsion used as the main binder in silicone resin emulsion paints and plasters. If formulated properly, the end products are characterized by high permeability to water vapor, low water absorption, low soiling tendency and long life. SILRES® BS 1306 is a solventless, water-thinnable emulsion of a polysiloxane modified with a functional silicone resin. In aqueous masonry coatings and aqueous primers, the additive enhances the water repellency, water resistance and water-vapor permeability of the formulations. It also improves the processability and anti-block characteristics of water-based coatings.

VINNAPAS® EP609 for Long-Lasting Flooring Adhesives

At Paint India 2016, WACKER will be premiering VINNAPAS® EP609, an aqueous polymer dispersion based on the monomers vinyl acetate and ethylene, for flooring-adhesive applications. The new product is an ideal dispersion base for flooring adhesives used for flexible floor coverings. Adhesives formulated with VINNAPAS® EP609 offer excellent cohesion and water resistance along with good adhesion to floor coverings. It also exhibits a higher filler loading capacity which enables the formulation of cost-efficient adhesives. Furthermore, the dispersion is highly resistant to the plasticizers usually employed in PVC coverings and so creates bonds that are long-lasting. VINNAPAS® EP609 is thus perfect for formulating adhesives for flexible floor coverings, such as carpets, PVC and linoleum.

Visit WACKER at “PAINT INDIA 2016” at booth C11 in hall 1.


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