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Wacker Biotech Obtains Tax Credit (CIR) Accreditation from the French Research Ministry

Munich and Jena, Jan 14, 2016

Wacker Biotech has obtained accreditation for the French research tax credit (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche, CIR) from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This means that Wacker Biotech is recognized as an innovative research service provider for companies in France. French Wacker Biotech customers can now claim tax relief of up to 30 percent on their outsourced R&D expenditures. The accreditation is initially valid for three years.

With the CIR accreditation, Wacker Biotech is recognized as an approved provider of research services for companies in France. Eligible French enterprises can now claim tax relief of up to 30 percent on research and development activities that Wacker Biotech carries out on their behalf. The French government thereby aims to specifically promote innovative companies – especially small and midsize – and to support their research activities with tax incentives.

“We are delighted with the approval from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research,” said Dr. Thomas Maier, managing director of Wacker Biotech. “The accreditation once again underscores our long-standing reputation as an innovation driver in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals using microbial systems. It furthermore gives our French customers the opportunity to avail of tax incentives for a considerable part of their R&D expenditures.”

About the CIR Research Tax Credit

The research tax credit (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche, CIR) is a central political tool for the benefit of research and innovation. By promoting R&D, this tax relief can increase the competitiveness of companies. It is adapted to the needs of small and midsize enterprises, in particular.

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About Wacker Biotech

Wacker Biotech GmbH is a full-service contract manufacturer of biopharmaceutical products based on microbial systems. The company’s services range from molecular biology, analytical services and process development through to the GMP-compliant manufacture of clinical test samples and pharmaceutical actives for the commercial market at the GMP-compliant production plants in Jena and Halle, Germany. Above all, Wacker Biotech offers proprietary technologies that satisfy market needs for cost-efficient production and maximum quality. Based in Jena and Halle, Wacker Biotech is a wholly-owned WACKER subsidiary.

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