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IN-COSMETICS ASIA: WACKER Presents New Silicone Elastomer Gel for Skin-Care Products

Munich, Nov 03, 2015

WACKER will be presenting two novel products at in-cosmetics Asia 2015: BELSIL® EG 5, a silicone elastomer gel, and BELSIL® OW 2100, a siloxane glycol copolymer. Developed for skin-care products and sunscreens, BELSIL® EG 5 improves the sensory characteristics of the products to which it is added. Sunscreens formulated with the gel also spread more easily on the skin.
BELSIL® OW 2100 creates a pleasantly soft feel and allows manufacturers to produce transparent shampoo, hair-styling, and skin cream formulations. In-cosmetics Asia takes place in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 3 to 5.

The WACKER chemicals group will be presenting its BELSIL® EG 5 silicone elastomer gel at in-cosmetics Asia. When used as an additive or as an integral product component, it makes products feel pleasant and velvety soft on the skin.

BELSIL® EG 5 is a silicone elastomer gel based on an addition-curing silicone elastomer dissolved in cyclopentasiloxane, a silicone fluid commonly used in the cosmetics industry. When the gel is applied, the fluid evaporates, leaving the silicone elastomer behind. This allows manufacturers to vary the formulation consistency, even after application – an attribute that greatly simplifies product development.

BELSIL® EG 5 contains mobile silicone loops, which are responsible for the pleasant sensation on the skin. The product is particularly well suited for use in personal-care products, e.g. sunscreen lotions. The gel creates an especially pleasant feel on the skin when used in BB and CC creams. Skin creams formulated with BELSIL® EG 5 also spread much more readily on the skin – a property that is particularly beneficial in thick sunscreens that have a high sun protection factor (SPF) and high pigment content.

At in-cosmetics Asia, WACKER will also be presenting BELSIL® OW 2100, a copolymer consisting of polydimethylsiloxane and an organic glycol component. BELSIL® OW 2100 enhances the soft feel and conditioning properties of shampoos and conditioners. In skin creams, it makes the skin feel pleasant and soft, while improving the moisturizing properties of the formulation.

BELSIL® OW 2100 is suitable for use in shampoos, conditioners, hair gels and other styling products. Facial masks and leave-on products also benefit from the additive. BELSIL® OW 2100 allows manufacturers to produce transparent formulations. In creams and lotions, it serves as a co-emulsifier for producing oil-in-water emulsions.

Visit WACKER at in-cosmetics Asia, Booth J28.


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