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WACKER Introduces Nature-Identical Hydroxytyrosol for Skin and Hair Care Applications

Munich/São Paulo, Sep 16, 2015

WACKER, the Munich-based chemicals group, is introducing its nature-identical hydroxytyrosol for applications in the cosmetics and personal care industries to Brazil and South America. Hydroxytyrosol is a highly effective antioxidant and acts as a free-radical scavenger. As a result, it can protect skin and hair from UV radiation induced damages, thus reducing skin aging as well as color-fading and bleaching of hair. Thanks to WACKER’s patented process, the ingredient is now available as a nature-identical substance of much greater purity, free of unwanted byproducts, and with a defined amount of active ingredient. Marketed under the brand name HTEssence®, it offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio and is easy to process in skin and hair care products such as anti-aging creams, hair masks or leave-in conditioners.

HTS bietet UV-Schutz für Haut und Haar
WACKER’s nature-identical hydroxytyrosol offers effective UV protection for skin and hair, thus reducing skin aging as well as color-fading and bleaching of hair. This makes HTEssence® ideal for the formulation of high-quality anti-aging creams, hair masks or leave-in conditioners.

Hydroxytyrosol, a secondary plant metabolite, is considered a highly effective antioxidant and free radical scavenger with an ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) of 45,000 µmolTE1 per gram –30 times higher than, for instance, Vitamin C. For this reason, hydroxytyrosol can prevent wrinkle formation and skin aging. In human cells, hydroxytyrosol is also said to influence the melanin production, so that the skin and dark patches become lighter.

When it comes to human hair, hydroxytyrosol is able to offer effective protection from UV radiation induced damages, making hair less brittle, faded or dry. The color of hair is further stabilized due to hydroxytyrosol’s ability to protect the melanin of the hair.

Due to these modes of action, hydroxytyrosol is an increasingly interesting ingredient in cosmetics and personal care applications. One drawback, until recently, was the way it was produced. In nature, hydroxytyrosol is found in olives and olive leaves and its extraction is complex and cost-intensive. But now, WACKER has developed a novel process to fully synthesize this compound: HTEssence® features markedly higher purity with a defined amount of active ingredient. The controlled production process not only offers supply security, but also ensures that HTEssence® does not contain any unwanted byproducts or contaminants. As a result, HTEssence® is free of allergens and does not cause any unwanted reactions or side effect on skin or hair.

Available as an odorless, water-soluble powder and water- and oil-soluble liquid, the product is suitable for use in skin care formulations such as anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products. Additionally, it can also be formulated in protective hair products such as creamy hair masks or leave-in spray conditioners.

Learn more about WACKER’s nature-identical hydroxytyrosol and visit our lecture at InCosmetics Brazil on October 1st: http://

1micro mol trolox equivalent (vitamin E standard)


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