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EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW 2015: WACKER Presents Innovative Binders for Construction Applications

Munich, Apr 21, 2015

At the European Coatings Show (ECS), held in Nuremberg, Germany, from April 21 to 23, 2015, WACKER will be showcasing a new polymeric binder for formulating flexible sealing slurries: VINNAPAS® 4040 E. This dispersible polymer powder offers high tensile adhesive strength after prolonged water exposure and outstanding crack bridging, as well as excellent processing properties – optimum prerequisites for use in sewers, pipes, basements and bathrooms. VINNAPAS® 8620 E, on the other hand, is ideal for high-quality, low-emission tile adhesives. With this binder in the formulation, it is possible to reliably bond modern large-format or very thin tiles, and porcelain or natural-stone materials.

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In cementitious sealing slurries, the new VINNAPAS® 4040 E dispersible polymer powder ensures high tensile adhesive strength after prolonged water exposure and outstanding crack bridging – ideal prerequisites for use in water-repellent coatings of sewers, basements and swimming pools, or in bathrooms.

At this year’s ECS, WACKER is showcasing the novel VINNAPAS® 4040 E dispersible polymer powder for the first time. What makes this binder special is that it is stabilized with a high-molecular, cationic protective colloid. This makes one-component flexible sealing slurries very easy to process, even if they contain a large amount of binder, as required for elastic and tear-resistant waterproofing.

Other features include high tensile adhesive strength after prolonged water exposure and excellent crack bridging. With these benefits, VINNAPAS® 4040 E is ideal for applications such as sealing slurries for durable and sustainable water-repellent coatings beneath tiles in bathrooms, or for sewers, pipes and basements. Thanks to the grade’s new composition, it can be used on reinforced concrete substrates as well.

VINNAPAS® 8620 E for Challenging Tile Adhesives

VINNAPAS® 8620 E is a dispersible polymer powder based on a novel vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate-ethylene terpolymer for modifying modern cementitious and gypsum-based dry-mix mortars, particularly for tile adhesives. VINNAPAS® 8620 E ensures that tile adhesives adhere excellently to a broad range of different surfaces, including difficult ones such as fired tiles with high densities and natural-stone products – even after heat, water or freeze/thaw cycles. The dispersible polymer powder was specifically developed for the formulation of sophisticated tile adhesives of categories C2E or C2ES1 and C2ES2 as per EN 12004 that feature an extended open time and high flexibility. It thus offers users additional formulation reliability.

Alongside exceptional product and processing properties, VINNAPAS® 8620 E also exhibits good environmental compatibility, because the product is free of plasticizing additives and thus makes it possible to formulate low-emission tile adhesives.

Visit WACKER at the European Coatings Show 2015 in Hall 1, Booth 1-510.


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