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    Professor Herbert W. Roesky

    Professor Herbert W. Roesky received the 2018 WACKER Silicone Award, a renowned research prize in the field of organosilicon chemistry. The award was presented by the Munich-based chemicals group during the ninth European Silicon Days in Saarbrücken, Germany.

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    WACKER Silicone Award 2018

    At the ninth European Silicon Days in Saarbrücken, Professor Herbert W. Roesky (center) was distinguished with the WACKER Silicone Award 2018. He was congratulated by WACKER Executive Board member Auguste Willems (right) and WACKER SILICONES President Dr. Robert Gnann.

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    Biomass balanced method

    WACKER is the world’s first manufacturer capable of using renewable resources to produce commercial quantities not only of dispersions based on vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE), but also of further products based on vinyl acetate. To do so, the company uses a certified biomass balanced method for acetic acid, generated as a byproduct in the woodworking industry.

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    Familienpakt Bayern

    As part of Familienpakt Bayern, WACKER – alongside other companies and the Bavarian state government – is demonstrating its dedicat

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    Family Friendly

    On Monday evening, Dr. Christian Hartel of WACKER’s Executive Board and Angela Wörl, head of HR, accepted the ‘Successful. Family-Friendly’ award from Franz Josef Pschierer (left), Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, and Kerstin Schreyer (right), Minister of Labor and Family Affairs.

    (Source: StMAS / Nikolaus Schäffler)

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