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Press gallery

WACKER provides you with free photos/films for editorial purposes. We kindly ask you to send us a screenshot or a copy of the printed publication. You’ll find photos concerning the Group, as well as its products and applications. Click the desired category to receive an overview with thumbnails. You can then order the photos/films you need via e-mail.


    WACKER Medical Silicone

    WACKER’s medical silicones are highly pure and are dispensed and packaged in accordance with the company’s Clean Operations standard.

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    ELASTOSIL® Suspension

    Several automotive parts, such as exhaust-pipe suspensions (photo) are manufactured from special silicone rubber compounds like those produced by the Brazilian compounder STC Silicones. STC is now able to market compounds using WACKER raw materials under the “Based on ELASTOSIL®” logo.

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    ELASTOSIL® composite insulators

    The Munich-based Chemical Group has supplied the Brazilian compounder STC Silicones with high-quality silicone raw materials since 2003 for formulating compounds for the manufacture of composite insulators (picture), among other applications. STC is now authorized to supply ready-to-use compounds made from WACKER silicones under the “Based on ELASTOSIL®” logo.

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    VINNOL® E 18/38 plastics

    “Use by Dates” are printed on the packaging of different consumer goods. Thanks to VINNOL® E 18/38, the printing ink adheres to a wide variety of substrates. The binder is very resistant to a wide variety of liquids and further complies with numerous provisions for food contact.

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    SILRES® IC 235

    To ensure that coatings with SILRES® IC235 as binder also have sufficient surface hardness, pencil hardness tests are performed in the WACKER lab.

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