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    Test VINNAPAS 4240 N

    Laboratory experiments show that the new dispersible polymer powder VINNAPAS® 4240 N has a better tensile adhesive strength and stripping resistance than conventional market products after just one day. This ensures a very strong adhesive bond between an EPS panel and masonry in external thermal insulation composite systems.

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    WACKER moldable gum 02

    Insoluble in water, the premix CAPIVA® C 03 can be completely melted, allowing it to be blended uniformly into a sugar compound. With WACKER’s new process, candy manufacturers are thus able to bring more variety to the candy aisle

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    WACKER moldable gum 01

    The formulation and process parameters can vary to make the product harder or softer. Chewing gum made from CAPIVA® C 03 can easily be deposited, shaped and dried in silicone molds as well.

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    ProSweets Cologne 2018 - WACKER depositing hewing gum 02

    With WACKER’s novel process, chewing gums can be molded in all different kinds of shape, even using of standard sugar-confectionery equipment

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    ProSweets Cologne 2018 - WACKER despositing chewing gum 01

    At ProSweets Cologne 2018, WACKER is introducing its new process for depositing sugar-free chewing gum to a wider specialist audience for the first time. Thanks to this new process, gum can now simply be molded into different shapes, similar to gummy bears.

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