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WACKER provides you with free photos/films for editorial purposes. We kindly ask you to send us a screenshot or a copy of the printed publication. You’ll find photos concerning the Group, as well as its products and applications. Click the desired category to receive an overview with thumbnails. You can then order the photos/films you need via e-mail.


    Fig. 03: 3D_Printing_Process

    Diagram of the WACKER 3D process. The first step is to design the part with a CAD program. After the spatial coordinates have been calculated (step 2), the printing instructions are generated (step 3). Then, the printer robot follows the instructions exactly and prints the silicone layers dot by dot (step 4). In this way, the virtual CAD model is transformed into a three-dimensional silicone part, layer by layer.

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    Fig. 02: 3D_Silicones_Object

    A silicone part made by 3D printing. WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group, has developed a process that enables the printing of three-dimensional silicone objects for the first time. The process is ideal for numerous industrial sectors. It opens up completely new opportunities for developing products in the automotive, medical, household-appliance and lighting industries. Now prototypes with complex geometries can be produced quickly and flexibly, without expensive tools. In the same way, it is possible to produce small series and spare parts that have to be continuously modified to meet changing requirements.

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    Fig. 01: 3D_Silicones_Printing

    Current 3D printing technologies use glass, metal, plastic, synthetic resin or ceramics as starting materials. What was missing was a process for silicone elastomers – that is, until now. WACKER has developed a 3D technology that makes it possible to build three-dimensional silicone objects for the first time.

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    HTEssence® spray dryer

    A WACKER employee is filling pure, nature-identical hydroxytyrosol dissolved in water in a spray dryer. Thanks to the controlled production process, HTEssence® is free of allergens and pesticides and does not contain any unwanted byproducts or contaminants

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    HTEssence® Lab Powder

    Spray-dried nature-identical hydroxytyrosol: The odorless, water-soluble powder HTEssence® is available in great purity and with a defined amount of active ingredient.

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