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WACKER provides you with free photos/films for editorial purposes. We kindly ask you to send us a screenshot or a copy of the printed publication. You’ll find photos concerning the Group, as well as its products and applications. Click the desired category to receive an overview with thumbnails. You can then order the photos/films you need via e-mail.


    Cyclodextrine Complex

    Molecular model of a cyclodextrin-retinol complex: The retinol molecule fits very snugly inside the gamma-cyclodextrin, but is so long that it sticks out of the ends – two cyclodextrins are therefore used to protect it.

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    Cystein Fermenter

    WACKER is the only company in the world capable of producing the highest-purity cysteine from bacteria using a fermentation process. The bacteria produce cysteine non-stop, flushing the amino acid they produce through their cell membrane into the nutrient medium in the fermenter tanks.

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    Silanes Waterreplellent

    The surface of an impregnated bridge pier immediately after application (close-up photograph). The silane-containing, high-viscosity water-repellent was applied in a layer some 0.65 mm thick. This provides adequate penetration for effectively protecting the concrete.

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    Silanes Bridges

    Quality control: Drill samples serve to monitor the depth to which the water repellent has penetrated.

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    Cystein Hair

    WACKER's vegetarian cysteine can be used to prepare hair for a “perm”, replacing the pungent thioglycolic acid currently used in Europe for this purpose.

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