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Once a month, our "Fascination of Chemistry" podcast shows you how chemistry ensures perfectly functioning products in all areas of life.

Both animals and humans benefit from modern dairy equipment. Because of their durability and resistance to bacterial contamination, silicones from WACKER are ideal for teat cup liners ...

Wood veneers beautify a wide variety of objects, from bookshelves to car dashboards. A new adhesive dispersion from WACKER does away with additives. These can lead to unsightly discoloring of some veneer types.

Over five centuries of exposure to wind and weather has however increasingly left its mark on the garden’s rocks. To remedy the situation, the rocks have now been treated with an alkyl silicate from WACKER's SILRES® product family.

There are a billion cars on the world’s roads today, and the trend is upward. In Europe alone, traffic accounts for a fourth of carbon dioxide emissions. This is why ecological mobility strategies are becoming ever more important. Hybrid drives, which rely on numerous WACKER products, can help to reduce emissions.

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Some nutritional supplements are good for our health, but their ingredients don’t really taste that good. Cyclodextrins from WACKER solve this problem: they encapsulate the health-promoting ingredient so that we can’t taste it, yet allow it to exert its positive effects on the body. Cyclodextrins also protect sensitive substances from environmental influences.

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Whether PVC, linoleum, or carpeting, many floor coverings are bonded directly to the concrete floor of a house. The adhesive used has to fulfill a series of demands. A new, low-emission binder from WACKER’s VINNAPAS® product line is a big help.

A new technology for the composite dispersions in the VINNAPAS® product range combine the advantages of organic and inorganic substances. This allows the plaster to remain intact for many years despite the sun and weathering.

Skyscrapers are often built on a steel framework. However, because steel can loose its stability at certain levels of heat, additional fire protection is needed for this kind of structure. Intumescent coatings based on WACKER's VAE copolymer dispersions can protect the steel framework against fire ...

Stone flooring is attractive, but can be chilly underfoot. Cork flooring feels warm to the feet, but is less durable. Now there is a new type of floor covering that combines the advantages of both materials. The crucial difference in its manufacture is VINNEX® powder binders from WACKER ...