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The Fascination of Chemistry


Once a month, our "Fascination of Chemistry" podcast shows you how chemistry ensures perfectly functioning products in all areas of life.

WACKER silicones are helping emerging economic powers such as India ensure their power grid is fit for the future. Silicone rubber is used to manufacture new composite insulators while traditional porcelain insulators are upgraded with silicone coatings ...

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Electrics & Electronics Distribution

On the coast of Japan the 340 kilometer long Tomei Highway is set to be relieved by a new expressway running alongside it. So that the concrete pillars remain resistant to to the sea air, grit salt and rain, the concrete is treated with hydrophobic silanes.

These days, car manufacturers are increasingly making use of supercharged engines with small cylinder capacity – all in the name of downsizing. As a result, the engine compartment becomes hotter. The interior of self-cleaning ovens can also reach such extreme temperatures. WACKER has specially manufactured heat-resistant silicone rubber grades so that valves and seals remain elastic despite the intense heat.

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Automotive & Transport Elastomers & Plastics Adhesives & Sealants

A road surface that allows rain and melt water to simply disappear? Thanks to a binder from WACKER, this brilliant idea is already put into practice. In Germany, the first autobahns may soon become safer and quieter with this concrete.

In theory, a fire could break out in any type of building. For buildings with a steel frame, a specialty coating is now available which can save lives in case of a fire. The protective layer’s sophisticated composition includes a binder from WACKER.

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Coatings & Paints Elastomers & Plastics Construction Distribution Composites

Composite hollow insulators with a silicone shield have a series of advantages over conventional porcelain insulators. These workpieces are produced via low-pressure diecasting, for which silicones from WACKER are the first choice.

Tom Rucker, a jewelry artist, spent 14 months sculpting a unique bust of Nelson Mandela in platinum wire, porcelain and black diamonds – and silicone moldmaking compounds from WACKER were also used.

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Elastomers & Plastics

Fiber-reinforced plastics are versatile materials that combine low weight with high stability. To optimize small-scale production in particular, WACKER is partnering with a US company to develop a production technology based on vacuum bags made of silicone.

The statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro is famous the world over – and by now over 80 years old. In order to reliably protect the reinforced concrete statue clad in soapstone against environmental influences for a further few decades, a tried-and-tested water repellent from WACKER comes into play.