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2016 AMERICAN COATINGS SHOW - WACKER Presents SILRES® Resins, GENIOSIL® Organosilane Hybrid Compounds and Ethyl Silicates for Industrial Applications

Adrian, MI, Apr 07, 2016

WACKER is showcasing its SILRES® line of silicone resins and intermediates, GENIOSIL® Organosilane Hybrid Compounds and Ethyl Silicates for extreme applications involving high-heat and highly corrosive environments. Severe use application such as marine and industrial coatings having significant exposure to the elements and UV radiation benefit from the protective properties of SILRES® silicone resins and emulsions, GENIOSIL® Organosilane Hybrid Compounds and WACKER Ethyl Silicates. WACKER is exhibiting at the 2016 American Coatings Show, April 12-14, 2016 in Indianapolis, IN, Booth #1946.

SILRES® silicone resins are an exceptional binder/curing agent combining excellent adhesion strength and chemical resistance. With outstanding corrosion-protection in epoxy coatings, they are ideal for marine and harsh environment applications. Formulations are characterized by very high hardness, out-standing long-term gloss stability, excellent solvent resistance and low VOC values.

SILRES® Silicone Resins and Intermediates for Industrial Coatings
SILRES® silicone resins and intermediates are essential in the formulation of high performance industrial coatings. WACKER’s extensive line of products such as using silicone resins as binders or integrating silicone intermediates into formulations provide exceptional benefits. These include extreme heat protection up to 650 °C, good weathering resistance and long term gloss and color retention, outstanding solvent resistance and ease of cleaning. Additional benefits include outstanding corrosion resistance and extended service life for protective and marine coatings. SILRES® silicone resins and intermediates also improve the water repellency of coatings and can impart non-stick surface properties.

GENIOSIL® and Ethyl Silicates for Protective Coatings
WACKER’s GENIOSIL® Organosilanes are hybrid compounds that combine the functionality of a reactive organic group such as vinyl, isosyanate, amine, epoxy and the inorganic functionality of an alkyl silicate. This allows the formulation of a molecular bridge between inorganic materials and organic polymers. Applications for GENIOSIL® Organosilanes include desired benefits such as adhe-sion promotion, surface modification and polymer crosslinking.

Zinc-rich paints based on WACKER Ethyl Silicates combine out-standing long-term corrosion protection for ferrous surfaces with resistance to high temperatures. The performance benefits are best seen in aggressive environments where there is exposure to severe weather and chemicals. Typical application areas are bridges, ships and structural steel. Ethyl Silicates from WACKER are available as basic binders or prehydrolyzed. WACKER Ethyl Silicates offer fast curing, excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, easy welding and overpainting, UV resistance and heat resistance up to 400 °C. Ethyl silicates also serve as feedstock for numerous industrial solgel processes, which yield coatings that are very thin, yet extremely durable.


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