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SILMIX® Custom Silicone Rubber Compounds


SILMIX® - More than a brand….a way of doing business. SILMIX® is WACKER’s trademark for custom-mixed, ready to use silicone-based rubber products. The world of customized silicone rubber products calls for unique solutions based on market knowledge and formulations designed according to specific end-user applications. Where “speed to market” is a crucial strategy in growing one’s global or domestic business, you can look to SILMIX® as your comprehensive source for standard silicone, fluorosilicone and phenylsilicone rubber compounds.

With a diverse product portfolio, SILMIX® capabilities include extruded and specialty silicone sponge materials, compounds for compression, transfer or injection molding, electrically conductive materials and comprehensive color matching services. Additionally, SILMIX® offers a broad range of preform and calendaring options to accommodate your production processes.

With two locations located in the United States and one each in Europe and China, SILMIX® is close to our customers. SILMIX® in the U.S. is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered. Each U.S. location also boasts a comprehensive quality and safety program supported by the quality assurance staff at Wacker Chemical Corporation’s North American Headquarters.


chino plant

SILMIX®-California is located in the Inland Empire, Chino, a neighboring community of the Los Angeles, California area. The 37,000 sq. ft. facility has been in operation since 1996 and has undergone a series of modernizing renovations and equipment upgrades since Wacker Chemical Corporation took full ownership in 1999. Along with its standard mixing and milling operations, SILMIX® -California boasts one of the widest selections of sophisticated calendaring operations in the industry. The operation produces a wide range of customized formulations under the SILMIX® trademark ideally suited for standard and specialty applications in a wealth of diversified industries and markets.

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silmix ohio

SILMIX®-Ohio is located in North Canton, Ohio near the Canton-Akron Airport and South of Cleveland, Ohio. The modern 30,000 sq. ft. facility was completed and occupied in 2005. Workflow at this facility was designed to deliver rapid order turnaround by streamlining the mixing, milling and packaging operations. The SILMIX®-Ohio facility offers complete applications testing and product development. We are equipped to formulate and handle the changing needs of our customers regardless of size or complexity.

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SILMIX® offers a wide product range for extrusion. This includes silicone sponge, architectural glazing, and general purpose applications.



Sponge is a SILMIX® specialty! SILMIX® offers sponge compounds for extrusion and molding to meet specifications such as ASTM D2000 D1056 and AMS 3195.



Fluorosilicone compounds to meet various automotive, aerospace and military specifications.

Fluoro / Dimethyl blends to meet military and commercial aircraft connector specifications using either peroxide or addition / platinum cure systems.



Whether compression, transfer, or injection molding, SILMIX® offers compounds that serve the automotive, aerospace, and general industrial markets.

Electronically Conductive Silicones


Semi-conductive 105 – 109 OHM – cm

Conductive: 100 – 102 OHM – cm

EMI / RFI shielding: 10–2 – 10–4 OHM – cm

Electrically conductive compounds (custom or catalogue) are produced for companies who mold seals with the following characteristics:

The advantage of a silicone or fluorosilicone based

Shielding against emissions or entrusion of RFI / EMI and EMP waves

Used as a compliant / current voltage or grounding substrate

Volume resistivities from 1 OHM / cm to .0002 OHM / cm with the compliant character of rubber



SILMIX® offers a variety of compounds for the roller industry. Whether you need high release, high temperature, abrasion resistance, thermally conductive, anti-static, or general purpose roller compounds, SILMIX® can formulate a custom material for your application.

Color Master Batches

Standard colors
Customer supplied samples
Spectrophotometer for internal testing

ZZR Specifications

ZZR 765 Classes 2 and 3, All Grades

Aerospace Specifications

SILMIX® expertise in the aerospace industry had been developed through decades of experience and close customer collaboration. Meeting aerospace specifications such as BMS, AMS, and MIL is a core competency we provide with quality and confidence.

ASTM D2000

SILMIX® offers an extensive line of formulations to meet ASTM line callout specifications.

Customized Solutions

Order size flexibility is one of the most important specialty services SILMIX® offers. Attuned to market needs and production requirements, our representatives work closely with customers to make sure the materials are received in the packaging and quantity that best fits the operation. As a result, customers know they can depend on SILMIX® to deliver the right product packaged exactly the way they want it.

As the premier supplier of custom mixed solutions for specialty rubber products, SILMIX® is committed to providing the “Total Customer Experience.” To us, that means providing one-stop service for custom mixing and specialty compound development, delivered with total service excellence.

We believe the only measure of success lies in the strength of customer relationships and fully understanding customer needs.

Technical Expertise

SILMIX® does much more than simply develop and sell custom compounds. We provide customers with personalized technical service. Our staff is highly focused on producing the precise compounds and performance characteristics to meet specific customer needs.

SILMIX® technical experts work as an extension of the customer’s team to bring inventive solutions to market.

Provide technical support and help evaluate product development and performance.

Offer extensive know-how to make custom compounds directly available to key industries the world-over.

Quick Turnaround

Speed to market is always among the first and most critical concerns for everyone at SILMIX®. Our two strategically located North American facilities are designed and organized for maximum productivity and smooth flow of materials and processes. Just as important, the staff at both plants is dedicated to providing optimum service, reliable products and dependable delivery to customers throughout the world.

In the United States, SILMIX®-CA serves customers located in western states, the southern Americas and Pacific Rim countries. SILMIX®-OH serves the eastern and Midwestern states, South America and Europe. Additionally our SILMIX® locations in the Czech Republic and China make it possible to be close to our customers no matter their geographic location.

Flexible Order Size

Order size flexibility is an important key specialty service at SILMIX®. Order size ranging from five pounds or greater and up to truck load capacity are accurately and routinely handled on a daily basis. SILMIX® is attune to accommodating special packaging styles and works closely with customers to ensure the compounded material is received in the exact packaging and in the quantity that best fits a customer’s particular operation.

Sustainability & Community Involvment

Within and throughout WACKER and with SILMIX®, sustainability plays an important and integral role in our business thinking and practices. WACKER is fully committed to the business principles of sustainable development in terms of economic, environmental and social concerns both in the communities in which we reside and internally with our employees. These principles include being a preferred partner with our customers, creating a pleasant working environment for our employees and meeting our responsibilities to society. WACKER is a charter member of Responsible Care®, a worldwide organization of chemical companies whose aim, on a voluntary basis, the continuous improvement to health, safety and environmental performance.

Locally, SILMIX® personnel are involved with area Chambers of Commerce not only as board members but as members of special groups including a safety council to provide support for other businesses. Other team members have participated in fundraising for charitable causes and have encouraged involvement of staff and family members at a variety of fundraising events.

The SILMIX® Difference


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