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WACKER products serve a great number of industries. In doing so, we offer market-oriented solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives and sealants are vital products in many key industries. Their applications range from paper, packaging, wood and flooring adhesives to wind energy and the automotive sector. WACKER supplies innovative products and technologies for these sectors so that customers can economically produce high-quality and environmentally compatible adhesives and sealants tailored to their exact needs.

Automotive & Transport

Whether in cars or trucks, in automotive interiors or in engine compartments: WACKER products are vital to the automotive sector. And they will remain so in the future, too. After all, WACKER has developed silicone resins for hybrid engines and auxiliaries for producing energy-saving lightweight car bodies. Such products represent tomorrow's mobility right here and now.

Chemical Industry

WACKER offers a comprehensive portfolio of chemicals that will optimize the products and processes found throughout industry – and at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

Coatings & Paints

Paints and surface coatings are mainly about two things: appearance and function. Our innovative silicone-based additives and high-performance polymer binders meet both criteria. They provide paints and plasters with key functionalities such as hydrophobicity, adhesion and flexibility while ensuring ready ease of processing and resistance to dirt pickup. This boosts the end product's performance and durability.


Due to their superior properties, composites are used in almost every industrial sector. WACKER offers highly specialized additives and pooled expertise, customized to individual needs.

Consumer Care

Tissue, household and personal-care products have one thing in common: their commercial success hinges on using the right additives. WACKER supplies you with a broad range of suitable silicones, silicas and cyclodextrins.


Whether you aim to keep existing values or create new ones: WACKER offers the construction industry world-leading solutions to the key topics of insulation, protection, adhesion, sealing, and decorative finishes. As a global market leader in polymeric binders and one of the world's major silicone manufacturers, we not only have the benefit of outstanding expertise in polymer and silicone chemistry, but can also optimally meet a wide variety of technical, climate-related and regional demands.

Elastomers & Plastics

Silicone elastomers, additives and processing auxiliaries permit tailored solutions for a wide range of applications.

Energy, Electrics & Electronics

Growth markets such as the energy and electrical engineering sectors need optimized processes and products fit for the future. WACKER has been meeting your needs with time-tested solutions for decades.


High-quality raw materials and additives from WACKER, as well as its technological solutions, enhance the quality of foodstuffs and optimize their production processes. We offer our customers a broad product portfolio of cyclodextrins, cysteine, polyvinyl acetates, pyrogenic silica and silicone emulsions.

Life Science

WACKER's leading-edge research and technology expertise is brought to you as customized products and comprehensive technical support.

Paper, Film & NIP

Economy and ecology define the demands placed on products and processes in the paper and pulp industry. WACKER can help you in this area with its solution-driven strategies.

Renewable Energies

Companies carry special responsibility for developing sustainable technologies. WACKER has helped pioneer the production of polysilicon for solar cells, and is a market leader in top-quality products used in modern wind power, solar thermal power and photovoltaic applications and in the transmission and distribution sector. Quality and expertise shape these global growth markets and secure long-term competitiveness for our customers.

Textiles, Leather & Fibers

The textiles process chain, and fabrics as a whole, focus on individuality, functionality and cost-effectiveness. We offer you tailored solutions and services for your specific needs.

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