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WACKER Receives KAA Atopy Safety Mark for Eco-friendly Flooring Adhesive T3000

Seoul, May 03, 2016

Wacker Chemicals Korea, WACKER Group's Korean subsidiary, acquired the KAA Atopy Safety Mark for its eco-friendly flooring adhesive T3000 for the first time in the domestic building material adhesive industry. The mark is issued by the Korea Atopy Association for atopy-safe products and is based on the screening results of various tests per-formed for a certain period. The KAA Atopy Safety Mark is given to safety-proven products frequently used in daily life, including yogurt drinks, soaps and wet wipes for kids.

Launched last December, T3000 is an eco-friendly, multi-functional flooring adhesive with low VOC emissions and excellent functionality. Based on WACKER’s proprietary GENIOSIL® STP-E technology T3000 is free of heavy metals, endocrine-disrupting chemicals and toxic chemicals, with significantly lower VOC emissions. In a test conducted by the Korea Testing & Research Institute, T3000 has been proven to have 96% less VOC emissions compared to other products on the market. Recognized for such eco-friendly performance, T3000 has also obtained the highest grade of HB (Healthy Building Material) Mark, an eco-friendly building material certification program by the Korea Air Cleaning Association, in addition to the KAA Atopy Safety Mark.

"The Atopy Safety Mark certification is significant in that T3000 has moved a step further from the HB mark, which has also been issued to many epoxy-based products. This allows occupants to easily un-derstand the eco-friendliness of the product and experience the value of T3000", says Chung-Yong Oh, Asia Region Director of the Con-struction Silicones Business Unit at Wacker Chemicals Korea. "WACKER will continue to release products like T3000, which end users can understand easily and use reliably."

WACKER in South Korea
WACKER has been supplying chemicals to South Korea since the mid-1980s. In 1996, it set up Wacker Chemicals Korea as its subsidi-ary there. Since early 2008, WACKER’s site in Ulsan (southeastern Korea) has been producing VAE dispersions and providing local sup-port to customers and partners through its technical center for re-search and applications engineering. In 2010, WACKER acquired the South Korean Lucky-Silicone brand – used mainly for producing and marketing silicone sealants for the construction sector. In early 2012, WACKER completed the expansion and relocation of its technical labs and offices to a new regional competence center near South Korea’s capital, Seoul. The competence center brings together R&D activities, applications technology and the WACKER ACADEMY, a training facility that focuses on silicone and polymer applications.


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