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IN-COSMETICS KOREA 2015: WACKER Presents New Silicone Elastomer Gels for the Cosmetics Industry

Seoul, Jun 15, 2015

At In-cosmetics Korea 2015, WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group and a global leader in silicone solutions, will present the new silicone elastomer gels BELSIL® EG2 and BELSIL® 102 for skin-care and decorative cosmetics. Both products impart a light and silky skin filling and improve the spreadability of the end product. BELSIL® 102 for skin-lasting effects by enhancing water and transfer resistance. In-cosmetics Korea will be held in Seoul, Korea, from June 15-16.

New active ingredient BELSIL® REG 102 is a clear, yellowish silicone resin elastomer gel. Used as an integral component or as an additive, it boosts the transfer-and water-resistance of cosmetic products and leaves the skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

BELSIL® EG 2 and BELSIL® REG 102 contain cyclopentasiloxane, a volatile silicone fluid widely used in cosmetics applications. It enhances skin emolliency, promotes faster drying and reduces tackiness. When applied, the cyclopentasiloxne evaporates. As a result, both products can readily modify the consistency and sensory effects on the skin.

BELSIL® EG2 was developed from a classic addition-curing silicone elastomer, while BELSIL® REG 102 is derived from a specialty silicone which is based on silicone resin technology.

The silicone resin elastomer combines the skin sensation produced by flexible cross-linked polymer with good film-forming properties of silicone resins. Containing silicone resin segments, BELSIL® REG 102 shows improved water and transfer resistance of cosmetic products and provides long wear benefits. The product helps to make lipsticks water-proof, prevents makeup from rubbing off easily on clothing, and reduces the wash-off sunscreens.

BELSIL® EG2, which does not contain silicone resin segments, is widely used for cosmetic products which are not required to meet high demands on water and transfer resistance. BELSIL® EG 2 is especially suited for skin-care creams such as BB & CC creams, eye shadows, and mascaras.

“WACKER has joined continuously In-Cosmetics exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand in 2014 and Barcelona, Spain in 2015. It is the first time for In-Cosmetics Korea to be held in Korea, and by presenting enhanced new silicones products for personal care in the trade show ‘In-Cosmetics Korea 2015”, WACKER would like to increase its brand awareness as global Silicone manufacturer and will strengthen its presence in the personal care market by various marketing activities.” says Duke Cho, a president of Wacker Chemicals Korea.

Visit WACKER at in-cosmetics 2015, Booth E30.


WACKER has been supplying chemicals to South Korea since the mid-1980s. In 1996, it set up its local subsidiary Wacker Chemicals Korea which is based in Seoul. Since early 2008, WACKER has been manufacturing VAE dispersions at its production site in Ulsan. The facility also operates a technical center which provides local support to customers and partners. In 2010, WACKER acquired Lucky-Silicone, a South Korean brand for silicone construction sealants. In early 2012, WACKER completed the expansion and relocation of its technical labs and offices to a new regional competence center near South Korea’s capital Seoul. The competence center brings together R&D activities, application technology and the WACKER ACADEMY, a training facility that focuses on silicone and polymer applications.


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