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WACKER Introduces Urethane-based Fitting Foam for Construction Sealant Applications

Seoul, Mar 05, 2015

Wacker Chemicals Korea is expanding its product range of construction sealants by introducing a new fitting foam based on urethane chemistry. The new product, called LuckyFoam, can be used to fill gaps between construction materials and to fit and seal constructive elements such as windows and door frames. LuckyFoam enhances the company’s popular construction sealant brand Lucky-Silicones which includes advanced sealants and adhesives for interior finishing purposes.

LuckyFoam is available in four grades: LuckyFoam B3 includes both an adapter and a gunnable grade, offering customers the freedom of choice depending on the handling technique they prefer. LuckyFoam B2 has excellent flame retardant properties and is being tested according to the German B2 Fire Class Specification DIN4102. The certificate will be issued by the German Material Testing Organisation MPA Bau Hannover in May. Finally, LuckyFoam Cleaner is a one-part spray used for the purpose of removing residuals in the gunning equipment.

Dal-Ho (Duke) Cho, a president of Wacker Chemicals Korea, emphasized the significance of the new marketing launch. “So far, WACKER only sold construction silicone sealants in Korea. With the introduction of LuckyFoam, WACKER is able to provide advanced German sealant technology together with a new multi-purpose urethane foam. This enhanced offering will help us meet the needs of customers in the construction industry more adequately and improve our position in the Korean construction market.”


WACKER has been supplying chemicals to South Korea since the mid-1980s. In 1996, it set up its local subsidiary Wacker Chemicals Korea which is based in Seoul. Since early 2008, WACKER has been manufacturing VAE dispersions at its production site in Ulsan. The facility also operates a technical center which provides local support to customers and partners. In 2010, WACKER acquired Lucky-Silicone, a South Korean brand for silicone construction sealants. In early 2012, WACKER completed the expansion and relocation of its technical labs and offices to a new regional competence center near South Korea’s capital Seoul. The competence center brings together R&D activities, application technology and the WACKER ACADEMY, a training facility that focuses on silicone and polymer applications.


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