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C-TOUCH EXHIBITION 2014: WACKER Presents Novel Silicone Products for Optical Bonding

Shenzhen, Nov 25, 2014

At the 13th China International Touchscreen Exhibition (C-Touch Exhibition), WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group and a global leader in silicone solutions, will present a series of novel silicone products for optical bonding purposes. One highlight is the thermal-cure silicone LUMISIL® 101, an optically clear resin (OCR) which is ideal for indoor and outdoor displays. Another highlight is LUMISIL® UV. The product series based on WACKER’s unique curing process eliminates the need to use photoinitiators or other by-products which may cause problems during the bonding process. The C-Touch Exhibition takes place in Shenzhen, China, from November 25 to 27.

Indoor and outdoor displays are bonded with optically clear resins (OCR) such as acrylics. However, silicones, such as WACKER’s newly developed LUMISIL® 101, feature much more thermal stability over a wide range of temperatures in hostile environments.

LUMISIL® 101 is a two-part silicone gel. It offers high transparency and excellent thermal stability. The product has a low viscosity and offers minimal shrinkage, low hazing and nearly no yellowing. Reliability tests show that the product’s properties barely change, even under severe conditions. The product cures fast, even at low temperatures (below 70 ℃). Due to these advantages, LUMISIL® 101 fully meets a wide range of display requirements, both for indoor and outdoor use, e.g. portable displays, public information displays, and navigation devices. It is also suitable for the production of optical damping elements.

LUMISIL® UV product series for optical bonding

WACKER’s LUMISIL® UV product series consists of 2-part, UV-curing silicone OCRs based on WACKER’s unique curing process. The curing mechanism is activitated by the exposure to high energy ultraviolet light. Photoinitiators or other by-products are not needed.

LUMISIL® UV features excellent properties like high reliability, low shrinkage, low E modulus, and a low dielectric constant. All of these properties make LUMISIL® UV suitable for a wide range of temperatures and larg size displays. The LUMISIL® UV product series is ideal for the optical bonding of touch-screen panels and the encapsulation of optical and electronic components. It is also suitable for the production of damping elements.

Visit WACKER at C-Touch Exhibition, Booth C105, Hall No. 1.


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