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GUANGZHOU INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING EXHIBITION 2014 WACKER Presents High-Performance Silicone Products for the Lighting Industry

Guangzhou, Jun 09, 2014

At Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2014, WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group and a global leader in silicone solutions, will present a series of high performance silicone products for the lighting industry. LUMISIL® 886 A/B is a high transparent, addition-curing two-part silicone rubber especially suitable for LED lens production. Another highlight product is the room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber CENUSIL® RT 760 CN A/B ideal for LED potting protection. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2014 takes place in Guangzhou, China, from June 9 to 12.

LUMISIL® 886 A/B silicone rubber allows visible light to pass through virtually unhindered because of its exceptionally high transparency. Together with its medium viscosity and rapid heat curing properties, it plays a key role in the manufacture of optical elements. It can not only be used for production of LED lenses, but also ideal for encapsulation of optical components, e.g. lens for xenon autolamp, tubular light device, fresnel lens, etc.

LUMISIL® 886 A/B’s Shore A hardness is 75 which permits injection-molding without any problems. The product can be used for the cost-effective production of molded parts with delicate structures and on a large scale, too.

CENUSIL® RT 760 CN A/B for LED Potting Protection

CENUSIL® RT 760 CN A/B is another highlight during Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2014. It is a pourable, addition-curing, two component silicone rubber that vulcanizes at room temperature. Since the product shows excellent flow ability, thermal conductive properties, and medium hardness, CENUSIL® RT 760 CN A/B is very suitable for protecting delicate electronic components such as LED during potting.

Other highlights during Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2014:

LUMISIL® 871 A/B for NRI Encapsulation

LUMISIL® 871 A/B is a silicone elastomer featuring low viscosity, low modulus and excellent transparency. The elastomer is resistant to aging and weathering, electrically insulating, and water-repellent and offers low-temperature flexibility. LUMISIL® 871 A/B is especially suitable for the negative refractive index (NRI) encapsulation of optical components.

Tin-free Adhesive Sealant for Electronic Industry

ELASTOSIL® N 9111 is an adhesive sealant, technically an alkoxy-curing RTV-1 system, formulated with a tin-free catalyst. It is therefore ideal for applications in which organo-tin compounds act as inhibitors and are therefore undesirable.

For instance, ELASTOSIL® N 9111 makes the dam-and-fill encapsulation of electronic modules significantly quicker and easier. Unlike conventional RTV-1 grades, the new ELASTOSIL® N 9111 is free of tin and thus fully compatible with platinum-catalyzed silicone products, even in an uncured state. Electronic devices can be encapsulated in silicone gel as soon as the bead has been applied. There is no need to worry about inhibition of the platinum-curing encapsulant. ELASTOSIL® N 9111 therefore offers considerable time savings and processing advantages for manufacturers of electronic components.

Visit WACKER at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2014, Booth 13.2E28.


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