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Technical Center & WACKER Academy

Silicones R&D Center (COEE) and Polymers Technical Center in Pangyo

Wacker Chemicals Korea Inc. successfully completed the integration and relocation of its Polymers Technical Center and Seoul headquarters in Pangyo Techno Valley in December 2011, launching silicone R&D center in March 2012.

The upgraded R&D center of Wacker Chemicals Korea inaugurates a new era of progress in the chemical industry. Occupying an area of more than 3,600 ㎡ in H-Square of Pangyo Techno Valley, the site houses sophisticated laboratories to facilitate research and development as well as training facilities for polymer and silicone chemicals to promote the transfer of knowledge to local customers and business partners.

One of the major focuses of the Silicones R&D center is on developing state-of-the-art silicone applications for electrical, electronic, and automotive industries in Korea. The goal of Silicones R&D Center and extended Polymers Technical Center, with its research and testing laboratories, is to optimize technical support for customers and further strengthen research and development by inviting top-notch experts with master’s and doctoral degrees in the field.

Another feature in this integration is the establishment of Silicones R&D Center; COEE (Center of Excellence Electronics) solely committed to silicone products for electronics applications in Korea and Asian market under the scheme of WACKER GLOBAL BUSINESS.



A further highlight is WACKER ACADEMY, the integrated training facility for polymer and silicone chemicals. Its mission is to support comprehensive technical cooperation in the local market. To this end, the training facility is offering seminar programs to local customers and business partners to boost knowledge transfer and share advanced technological expertise among professionals. The WACKER ACADEMY thus makes an ideal platform for customers, distribution partners and specialists to engage in networking.

The seminar programs on building and construction are currently available. More courses dealing with various topics on different industries will be arranged in the near future.


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