Mission Statement - Wacker Chemie AG

Mission Statement

Service, Responsibility and Growth Go Hand in Hand.

WACKER's principles follow an integrative goal:

  1. of being a preferred partner to our customers,
  2. creating a pleasant working environment for our employees,
  3. meeting our responsibilities to society
  4. and continuing our value-added growth.

In accordance with our corporate philosophy, we primarily conduct our business in regions where our customers are based. This is why WACKER is at home the world over. After all, the better a company understands its markets, customers and cultures, the more effectively it can fulfill its requirements: as a trusted partner. On this basis, the company is already successful wherever demand is increasing.

WACKER's particular strengths lie in its services, technologies and products, and particularly in its employees. This awareness means being responsible for the health and well-being of its specialists. Our obligation is demonstrated by wide-ranging programs for training, safety and participation.

All globally-positioned companies are responsible for the environment and society in general. This is why WACKER conducts its business in accordance with the same high standards throughout the world in terms of sustainability, environmental protection and work safety - well above international minimum standards.

The focus of all of these activities is on value creation and growth. This service, quality and responsibility-based strategy enables long-term continuous growth.

Vision & Goals

WACKER, as an innovative chemical company, makes a vital contribution to improving the quality of life around the world.

In the future, we want to continue developing and supplying solutions that meet our rigorous demands: creating added value for our customers and shareholders, and growing sustainably.