Invitation and agenda - Wacker Chemie AG

Invitation and agenda

Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2013

Invitation to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting

Dear Shareholders,

As expected, 2012 was a challenging year for our company. The key factor influencing WACKER’s performance was solar-grade polysilicon. Although, in 2012, we supplied customers with more polysilicon than ever before, the marked price decline – 50 percent within one year – dampened Group sales and EBITDA. Additionally, lower volumes and prices held back our semiconductor business. Overall, price effects reduced Group sales by more than €700 million. Growth and increased profitability in chemicals, which remained stable throughout the year, could not fully offset this price impact. In 2012, WACKER’s three chemical divisions performed very well, with sales rising 5 percent on the year-earlier period. EBITDA performance in chemicals was even stronger, climbing 15 percent.

Looking at the bottom line, we generated Group sales of €4.63 billion, 6 percent below the previous year. EBITDA came in at €787 million, down 29 percent. Net income for the year amounted to €106.8 million.

We hereby invite WACKER’s shareholders to attend our Annual Shareholders’ Meeting at the ICM – International Congress Centre Munich (Munich-Riem, Am Messesee 6, 81829 Munich, Germany) on May 8, 2013, starting at 10:00 a.m.

Wacker Chemie AG

Dr. Peter-Alexander Wacker
Supervisory Board Chairman

Dr. Rudolf Staudigl
President & CEO

Agenda (summary)

  1. Presentation of the adopted Annual Financial Statements as per December 31,2013, the approved Consolidated Financial Statements as per December 31, 2013, the combined 2013 Management Report, the 2013 Supervisory Board Report and the Executive Board’s Explanatory Report on the information pursuant to Section 289, Subsection 4, and Section 315, Subsection 4 of the German Commercial Code (HGB)
  2. Resolution on the Appropriation of Profits
  3. Resolution on the Ratification of the Actions of the Executive Board
  4. Resolution on the Ratification of the Actions of the Supervisory Board
  5. Election of Auditor
  6. Approval to Amend the Profit and Loss Transfer Agreements Between Wacker Chemie AG and Various Subsidiaries

Contact for the Annual Shareholder Meeting

For further questions and/or suggestions, we will be glad to attend to you on telephone 089-6279-1444 (from Monday to Thursday, between 09.00AM and 12.00PM) or fax 089-6279-4567, respectively.