Invitation and agenda - Wacker Chemie AG

Invitation and agenda

Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2011

Invitation to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting

Dear Shareholders,

Wacker Chemie AG has put the world economic crisis behind it faster than expected and ended 2010 on a record high. Demand jumped during 2010's first quarter and remained high until year-end.

This development is mirrored in our figures. Sales rose 28 percent, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) nearly doubled compared to the previous year; as for the year’s net income, WACKER achieved an after-tax return of €0.5 billion (over 10 percent).

We would like to personally provide you with the details on how our business developed in 2010, and on which strategies and measures continue to sustain the Group's profitable growth this year.

We hereby invite WACKER’s shareholders to attend our Annual Shareholders’ Meeting at the ICM – International Congress Centre Munich (Munich-Riem, Am Messesee 6, 81829 Munich, Germany) on May 18, 2011, starting at 10:00 a.m.

Wacker Chemie AG

Dr. Peter-Alexander Wacker
Supervisory Board Chairman

Dr. Rudolf Staudigl
President & CEO

Agenda (summary)

  1. Presentation of the adopted Annual Financial Statements as per December 31, 2010, the approved Consolidated Financial Statements as per December 31, 2010, the combined 2010 management report, the 2010 Supervisory Board Report and the Executive Board’s Explanatory Report on the information, pursuant to Section 289, Subsection 4, and Sections 315, Subsection 4 of the German Commercial Code (HGB).
  2. Resolution on the Appropriation of Profits
  3. Resolution on the Ratification of the Actions of the Executive Board
  4. Resolution on the Ratification of the Actions of the Supervisory Board
  5. Resolution on the Nomination of Auditor
  6. Approval of the Profit-and-Loss Transfer Agreement between Wacker Chemie AG and Wacker-Chemie Achte Venture GmbH
  7. Resolution on Changes to the Articles of Association

Contact for the Annual Shareholder Meeting

For further questions and/or suggestions, we will be glad to attend to you on telephone 089-6279-1444 (from Monday to Thursday, between 09.00AM and 12.00PM) or fax 089-6279-4567, respectively.